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WatsonAIOps Primer - Video resource

A good starter on WatsonAIOps. See how Watson AIOps enables an SRE or ITOps personnel accelerate problem triage by finding the relationships between disparate data and cut through distracting noise, freeing your ops team to focus on vetting a smaller set of AI-selected candidates, and then...

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SRE Leadership

Glynn Lunney, NASA and Apollo engineering & operations legend, passed away last Friday. As a Flight Director, responsible for all operational aspects of the space flight, Lunney was a role model for SRE Leadership. Every Site Reliability Engineer, and Incident Commanders in particular, can...

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Flying to the Moon from the Backroom — Mission Control

I've just published the latest in my series of articles on SRE lessons from the Lunar Landing... in this article I discuss some of the work done by flight controllers in Mission Control, their difficulties and how we'd approach this problem today. Here's a hint - AIOps, specifically Cloud Pak...

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SRE & Watson AIOps

Site reliability engineering (SRE) uses software engineering to automate IT operations tasks - e.g. production system management, change management, incident response, even emergency response - that would otherwise be performed manually by systems administrators (sysadmins). IBM Cloud Pak for...

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IBM Expert Labs webcast: Using Insights from Watson AIOps

Join us for the next IBM client webcast in the "Chat with Expert Labs" series: How an SRE or IT Ops Engineer can use Insights from Watson AIOps November 12, 10:00 am ET (60 minutes) Watson AIOps helps our clients address complex IT issues quickly to minimize service...

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