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Making Data Simple: Kansas City Keynote

"Host Al Martin, IBM VP of Hybrid Data Management & Client Success, and Sam Lightstone, CTO for Data, IBM Fellow & Master Inventor, present their Kansas City Techweek keynote. They go over what it means to make data ready for AI, become data-driven and acquire growth. They deliver key...

[Season 3 - Episode 2] Making Data Simple- Kansas City Keynotesoundbite.mp4

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Making Data Simple: Data and Tech in 2018 - Year in Review with Seth Dobrin

" Seth Dobrin is back to kick off season 3 and reflect on data and tech in 2018. Seth Dobrin, vice president and Chief Data Officer of IBM Analytics, gives insight to leading the data science elite team, and he details the steps and strategies required to be successful in the field. Host Al...

[S3E1] Making Data Simple- Data and Tech in 2018 - Year in Review with Seth Dobrinsoundbite.mp4

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Making Data Simple: Episode 41 - Big Data, Cloud and Cognitive with Paul Zikopolous

" Paul Zikopolous, VP of big data cognitive systems at IBM, joins us to discuss tactics for both career and personal growth. Paul is also an established author and public speaker and leverages experiences gained through those pursuits in the advice he gives. Have a pen and paper ready as there...

[Episode 41] Making Data Simple- Big Data, Cloud, & Cognitive with Paul Zikopoloussoundbite.mp4