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The Rise and Fall of Monitoring Dashboards

“ For the time comes for directed alerts, and Dashboards shall fade or depart ” – Gandalf, Lord of the Rings. A few weeks ago, I suggested to a colleague that I may write a blog on the decline (I might have even said death) of dashboards. This was met with some shock as we deal a lot with...

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AIOps Usergroup Roadshow - Spring 2021

We are kicking off the AIOps User Groups Roadshow for this year, on April 13th, with the ANZ AIOps event. This will be followed with a Pan-European one on April 21 and ending with the Americas event on April 29th (Changed from 22nd) Watch for our virtual Roadshow coming to a location near you...

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What's New - Instana Agent installation of a Linux Agent

Intented Audience : Quick starter for New users of Instana Instana, is a game changer for AIOps... Project teams can overcome the challenge of managing application performance across multiple platformas & technologies... This is a video series for a quick start on Instana and getting...

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