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Videos 3.5: Watson Machine Learning Accelerator

Watson Machine Learning Accelerator is available as a part of the Watson Studio family of AI tools on Cloud Pak for Data. It is a GPU accelerated deep learning service that allows you to share GPU resources across business units and deliver faster training results. Watson Machine Learning...

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Decision Optimization in Cloud Pak for Data - Step by Step videos

Decision Optimization in Cloud Pak for Data - Step by Step videos The following videos show everything from end-to-end to use Decision Optimization in Cloud Pak for Data, including setting up the environment for a new user. 1- Create an IBM id and set up the environments Starting from...

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How DataOps is Accelerating the Delivery of AI Services

This year, IBM has made a number of enhancements to Cloud Pak for Data to streamline the process of data preparation for artificial intelligence, and the principles of DataOps have been at the heart of this effort. Obviously, one of the largest problems that DataOps seeks to tackle is...

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Video v3.0: DataStage Data Transformation

DataStage in Cloud Pak for Data is a data integration offering for designing and running data flows that move and transform data. Create a simple parallel job This videos shows you how to create a simple data transformation job in IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Create a job from a template - Db2...