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Cloud and Cloud-Native Security (Part 2): Modern Cloud Key Management with BYOK

Aspera on Cloud can encrypt files at rest either by using a password set by client or a password configured on server . These methods ensure that both the data and key used to encrypt data remain encrypted at rest. Some organizations however, may want to retain more control over...

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Beyond Just Documentation — Enabling Users in the Age of Digital Delivery

In this age of modern software and the Internet, we have many means to quickly help users get done what they need to get done, even with complex, sophisticated software. Software-doc professionals have many tools to help make products intuitive and technical specifics quick to find. We have...

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Cloud and Cloud-Native Security (Part 1): Security Advantages of Container Orchestration Platforms

It’s safe to say that many long-time IBM Aspera customers look at our transport technology as more than just the fastest way to move data over commodity IP networks. Security is in our DNA, as the fasp (Fast Adaptive Secure Protocol) implies. From the lowest level, Aspera ensures the...

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Stay Current with SaaS Product Updates

I like surprises... mostly. Except in my software. When I log in to my productivity apps, I'm trying to get something done, as quickly and efficiently as I can, so I can move on to my next pressing responsibility. If I log in only to find changes to key features and behavior, forcing...

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