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Migrating IBM Integration Bus flows to IBM App Connect on OpenShift/IBM Cloud Pak for Integration – UDP Use Case

Co-Author - Amar Shah The approaches discussed here are applicable for the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration operators-based release and have been validated on CP4I 2020.4 and CP4I 2021.1. User Defined Properties (UDPs) have been a great tool in IBM Integration Bus/WebSphere Message Broker to...

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App Connect Enterprise and IBM Integration Bus can now directly call IBM App Connect flows

John Reeve Published on May 4, 2018 / Updated on November 26, 2018 In the latest release of IBM® App Connect on IBM Cloud™ – Custom Enterprise, Cloud Connector and Lite plans – we’ve expanded the callable flow function so that IBM App Connect on IBM Cloud flows can be...

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How to Analyze Abend Files

Published on January 24, 2018 / Updated on March 16, 2020 Most of the time when an Integration Server or Integration Node crashes/restarts unexpectedly you will see an abend file generated. This is the broker’s output of what was happening at the time of the crash. While these...

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Converting a message map from WebSphere Message Broker v7 to a graphical data map in WebSphere Message Broker v8 or IBM Integration Bus

Ian Larner and IBM Hybrid Integration ID team Published on December 4, 2014 / Updated on December 4, 2015 You can compile and deploy legacy message maps in WebSphere Message Broker Version 8 and IBM Integration Bus. However, if you need to modify any of these...

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How to split a message into multiple output messages in the Graphical Mapping editor of IBM Integration Bus

Ian Larner and IBM Hybrid Integration ID team Published on December 4, 2014 / Updated on December 2, 2015 In IBM Integration Bus, you can use the Graphical Data Mapping editor to split an input message into multiple output messages. You can use a For Each ...

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Move a node on the canvas by using the keyboard

Guy Whitehouse and Kevin McEwan Published on July 24, 2014 / Updated on March 22, 2016 Accessibility features help users who have a physical disability, such as restricted mobility or limited vision, to use information technology products successfully. In IBM...

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How to design a graphical data map for IBM Integration Bus

Published on July 10, 2014 / Updated on December 24, 2015 Graphical data maps, known as message maps in IBM Integration Bus or WebSphere Message Broker, offer the ability to achieve the transformation of a message without the need to write code, providing a visual image of the...

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How to use subflows in IBM Integration Bus

Article written by David Crighton, Philip Jones, and Marisa Lopez de Silanes You define a subflow in IBM Integration Bus (or WebSphere Message Broker version 8) to provide a common sequence of actions to be used by several message flows, applications, or services. You can include subflows...