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Maxmo Forge Viewer Plugin - Version 761x

Maximo Autodesk Forge Viewer Plug-in provides support for utilizing the Autodesk Forge Viewer in Maximo It is most easily utilized in conjunction with COBie data that is imported in the BIM Projects application. The Forge Viewer integration provides visualization of Building Information Model ...

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BIM Documentation

Documentation & Recordings March 2013 COBie Challenge for Facility Management Software: IBM Doug Wood for BIM for Operations Discussion Customer References Customer References Gatwick Airport NTT Facilities Co., Takenaka Corporation, IBM Japan, Ltd. This is the...

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Maximo BIM Forge Viewer PlugIn

For details on the Maximo BIM Forge Viewer PlugIn, access these links Maximo BIM Forge Viewer PlugIn : Tech Note details with links to download content Content download : Download the content from this folder location #BIM #content #download