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Correlating z/OS Connect EE APIs with CICS Transactions using OMEGAMON for JVM and OMEGAMON for CICS

A much-valued feature of IBM Z OMEGAMON for JVM, V550 is z/OS Connect EE API monitoring and its ability to identify the backend service provider application; transaction and/or program name. Using an OMEGAMON-supplied interceptor, every API call made to z/OS Connect EE is recorded in a z/OS log...

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IBM Z OMEGAMON for JVM, V550 – Now Without Health Center

Since its inception in 2016, IBM® Z® OMEGAMON® for JVM has leveraged the Java TM tools component Health Center agent as a source of monitoring data. Health Center is an excellent diagnostic and performance analysis tool in its own right. When used with the Eclipse framework plugin it provides...

IBM Webinar: Just how do APIs work? Modernizing applications on IBM Z with z/OS Connect EE

Your developers demand APIs, yet struggle to provide API access to core business services on IBM Z. How can you provide the right path with consumable interfaces to your core business logic. Learn more in this upcoming IBM webinar where we will show you : • How RESTful APIs provide...

 Tue August 03, 2021 | 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM PT

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Try IBM® Z OMEGAMON® for JVM for FREE with the IBM Z software trials program

Learn about how to monitor online Java™ workloads on z/OS in a live IBM hosted environment without installing or incurring any costs. That’s right, all you need to do is register using your IBM ID and follow the email instructions to access a remote user session - and away you go. The Z...

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APIs authored in IBM App Connect Designer can now be deployed into your private cloud

Anna Jackson Published on December 5, 2019 You can now combine the ease of authoring flows for APIs in IBM App Connect Designer with the flexibility of deploying into your own private cloud. Previously, the managed cloud service had been the only valid deployment target for a...

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Integrating IBM App Connect with Yapily to access banking APIs

Published on September 17, 2019 Yapily provides a single, secure API interface that regulated third parties can use to request payments and data access from banks, subject to customer consent. In the latest release of IBM App Connect, you can build flows that integrate with...

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Agile integration and its relationship to APIs and messaging

Originally published on March 5, 2019 Much of the attention in the core material on agile integration has been on the breaking up of the centralized enterprise service bus (ESB) pattern into a more fine-grained and decentralized approach. This centered around how...

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Create your own custom HTTP operations on API flows

Jordan Humber and Sowmya Grama Published on October 24, 2017 / Updated on January 7, 2019 Need a break from the barriers of CRUD APIs on resources? Explore this new feature that’s available in the API flows of IBM App Connect. When you create a flow for an API, you can...

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Turbo-charge your Digital Transformation with Integration, APIs and AI

Published on December 4, 2018 / Updated on December 20, 2018 Your digital projects rely on APIs to provide access to the systems and data that underpin your customer experiences and core business processes. For most enterprises, the reality is one of heterogeneous systems talking a variety of...

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Manage your IBM App Connect APIs with IBM API Connect

Stephen Mitchell Published on March 16, 2018 Users of IBM App Connect can now manage their APIs with IBM API Connect. This short video demonstrates how: Note that at the point that the API is transferred to IBM API Connect, it becomes a separate API (i.e. any...