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The Rise and Fall of Monitoring Dashboards

“ For the time comes for directed alerts, and Dashboards shall fade or depart ” – Gandalf, Lord of the Rings. A few weeks ago, I suggested to a colleague that I may write a blog on the decline (I might have even said death) of dashboards. This was met with some shock as we deal a lot with...

IBM AIOps Group Japan

当ユーザーグループはIBMの運用管理、AIOps製品(Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps, Cloud Pak for Multicloud Managment, IBM Workload Scheduler, IBM Control Desk等)に関する日本語の技術情報を共有・議論するために開設されています。 参加はどなたでも自由に行っていただけますが、情報提供については主として日本アイ・ビー・エム(株)およびその関連会社の社員が行います。 ご要望に応じてお客様あるいはビジネス・パートナー様にも情報提供にご参加いただけますので管理者までご連絡ください。...

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Enable OMEGAMON Storage users to easily distribute Storage Toolkit Actions invoked by situation across multiple systems

The OMEGAMON for Storage Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) interface now enables the user to execute Storage Toolkit actions across multiple systems with a single situation. Before this feature, storage administrators who used the Storage Toolkit in situations and wanted to issue actions on...

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Watson AIOps - Event Manager, Noise Reduction, Part 1

Hi, we have just released a new video on "SWAT explains: Watson AIOps" In this video Zane and I want to discuss the "Watson AIOps - Event Manager" noise reduction capabilities. We will position Event Manager within the IBM Watson AIOps portfolio and then deep dive into the bits and pieces....

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The Business Value of Observability : The downstream effect of complete visibility

Join IBM and Instana (an IBM Company) as we bridge the gap from Observability capabilities to delivering on real Business KPIs. Formatted for maximum value as each webinar in the series includes practical application through real-world use cases. You will see live demonstrations and have an...

 Wed April 28, 2021 | 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM ET

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How can I use scope-based event grouping in Watson AIOps?

The event grouping capability of the Netcool Event Manager in Watson AIOps is the zenith of event correlation and adds enormous business value to any operations management environment. Many organisations around the world leverage the event grouping capabilities of Netcool to dramatically reduce...

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March edition of the IBM Z Software Newsletter

Welcome to the latest edition of the IBM Z Software newsletter for IT operations, systems management, and administrators. This month's newsletter is packed full of our latest updates including product announcements, events information and much more. Don't forget that you can share this with...

IBM Z Software Newsletter - Operations edition (March 2021).pdf

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Coming Up - Community Spotlight Series on AIOps Community

What is Community Spotlight ? A Community is made of people. Many Communities become stronger and more connected by recognizing the contributions and spirit of individual members. The IBM Communities created the Spotlight or “Community Rockstar” segment to recognize those members of the...

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AIOps Usergroup Roadshow - Spring 2021

We are kicking off the AIOps User Groups Roadshow for this year, on April 13th, with the ANZ AIOps event. This will be followed with a Pan-European one on April 21 and ending with the Americas event on April 29th (Changed from 22nd) Watch for our virtual Roadshow coming to a location near you...

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