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IBM Community is your home for virtual programs

By Marius Ciortea posted Mon March 16, 2020 05:39 PM


As all of us around the world are faced with a challenging new way of working and conducting our day-to-day lives, we are discovering very quickly how to adjust to new ways of interacting with others, realizing our need to stay motivated and challenged mentally and physically without the comfort of our normal routines, and simply put, looking for things to do that don't require leaving the home!

If you're one of the 150,000+ members of our community already, you are probably aware that we have a robust virtual events program, in place now for 3+ years  and continuing to grow. We currently have over 50 webinars scheduled from now until the end of the month, reflecting a regular cadence of education and learning that members have access to at any given time. 

We encourage you to take advantage of these educational and collaborative events to help you grow your skills, network with others, learn from experts and peers, and engage in discussions relevant to your areas of interest. Also, we are happy to host a webinar if you have some expertise and insights to share - please apply here and expect to hear back from us right away!

Community events include: 

Virtual Community Days
If you weren't one of the 3,000 community members who attended our full-day community event last week on March 10, called Deploy AI, you can still catch up on 25+ sessions from IBM and partner organizations covering Models, AI Infrastructure and Open Source Software. Sessions included hands-on demos and workshops, skills and training from IBM Education as well as TwiML, technical sessions, business sessions, state-of-the-market/industry from luminaries, and many more. Watch sessions and download materials here. 

You can also catch up on similar Virtual Community Day events we've held in the past, such as:

You can check out all upcoming webinars in the Events tab of each group page, which is located at the top navigation and also on the homepage of each community site. You will also find On Demand Webinars in this menu dropdown. Please leave a comment below if you're having trouble finding these links on your group pages. Here is a full list of all upcoming community events

In-person meetups and local user group meetings 
Our local user groups and local meetup groups are also taking place virtually or quickly shifting. You can find follow-up discussions and replays readily available for virtual consumption by reaching out to your local user group or meetup leader. 

We also have a community group dedicated to Data and AI Learning, where you can get free and fee-based education and training. Get started learning now

Make sure to join our discussion boards to learn about what others in your communities are doing to help stay active and get ahead on learning, or share your own ideas! In the true spirit of community, we are here for each other and welcome all of your positive contributions!



Wed August 25, 2021 01:14 PM

Thanks for having such a wonderful platform for discussing technology and innovations.

I love to talk about gadgets and Technology.

Wed March 18, 2020 03:49 PM

Take a look at the upcoming IBM Middleware Community Webcasts here.

Mon March 16, 2020 05:40 PM

The Data Science Community shares weekly meetup content and recaps here.