IBM Informix IoT - Moving Data from Network's Edge into the Data Center 

Wed May 15, 2019 04:02 PM

Capturing and using unstructured data effectively is the next wave driving business innovation. Today many companies are struggling to find a solution that preserves the best aspects of this data, commonly called "NoSQL," but still effectively use it in conjunction with data that already exists in their corporate environment. Many try dedicated NoSQL databases but quickly find they lack the essential elements common to enterprise class databases such as scalability, security, flexibility, transaction support and most important, the ability to seamlessly integrate into existing database operations.

IBM offers a true Internet-of-Things (IoT) database that can natively handle NoSQL and structured traditional data simultaneously, in their native formats. Both types of data are fully accessible to traditional and NoSQL applications and can be used together in data processing operations. The IBM IoT database is a single, easy-to-use data repository that can integrate all types of data within the enterprise and be able to provide quick OLTP access as well as in-depth analytical processing.

In this short video, Carlton Doe, an IBM database specialist, demonstrates how simple and easy it is (with the IBM IoT database) to capture and use sensor data generated at the edge of the network. He uses the NodeRed programming environment to connect to the sensor and capture its data into the IBM IoT database running on a gateway device, a Raspberry Pi to be precise. While the data is fully accessible and can be manipulated in the gateway, the data is aggregated and summarized then transferred into a "corporate" server that also contains traditional SQL data. Once there, the NoSQL and traditional data is used in an operation to produce a business result.

This video shows a complete IoT data architecture with smart gateways feeding a corporate repository where advanced analytics can occur.


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