BLOG: Simplicity drives Netezza: nz_migrate anywhere lets clients upgrade to on-premises, the cloud or a hybrid cloud environments

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BLOG: Simplicity drives Netezza: nz_migrate anywhere lets clients upgrade to on-premises, the cloud or a hybrid cloud environments 

Wed May 06, 2020 06:12 PM

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Simplicity drives Netezza

nz_migrate anywhere lets clients upgrade to on-premises, the cloud or a hybrid cloud environments

Program Director, HDM, Offering Management, IBM Data & AI

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
While there is debate about who originally coined this phrase, one thing that remains undisputed is that Netezza set the standards on what simplicity of use means in the world of enterprise data warehousing and analytics.

This is highly valuable as organizations seek ways to digitally transform their business and progress on their Journey to AI. An overabundance of complexity on the data collection rung of the ladder inhibits the acquisition and use of data to drive insight and power AI throughout the organization. Businesses require a resilient data warehouse that is simple to use without losing the power needed to handle critical analytical workloads. This is where Netezza Performance Server excels.

The philosophy of simplicity of design and use is deeply rooted in Netezza culture. With each generational update it has evolved and become a symbol of ultimate sophistication and elegance in design. For years, competitors have tried to emulate it unsuccessfully. Customers have loved its ease of use and built-in smarts, which includes high speed and scalable in-database advanced analytics to meet the demands of their complex data warehousing and analytics needs.

Another exciting development in data warehousing

As announced this week, Netezza Performance Server on the Cloud will be available June 19 on both IBM Cloud and Amazon Web Services. This development marks a significant departure from our prior releases – customers will now have a choice of where they want to deploy their data warehouse: on cloud, on-premises with the hyperconverged IBM Cloud Pak for Data System, or both.

The Netezza that you know and love is back with the simplicity and ease of development and deployment that truly sets it apart.

We have made Netezza on the Cloud a completely seamless upgrade for existing Netezza deployments. It’s a simple lift and shift to the cloud. And, we’re using cloud-native building blocks to construct a scalable, elastic and highly-performant cloud data warehouse.

Netezza on a cloud-native platform

Currently, where the complexity of managing the ongoing data deluge can breed dissonance, the IBM Cloud Pak for Data, a system of insight platform, declutters and cuts through the complexity. It neatly collects and organizes your data with built-in capabilities to analyze and infuse AI and machine learning capabilities through your entire data analytics pipeline no matter where the data resides.

Netezza Performance Server is powered by the state-of-the-art Cloud Pak for Data, a highly modular and extensible cloud native Data for AI platform that runs on IBM RedHat OpenShift. This provides the flexibility to deploy Netezza anywhere; on-premises and/or public, private clouds with the extensibility needed from a modernized platform, making analytics work for you. 

Frictionless upgrade

As announced, you can now upgrade with a single nz_migrate command. And it can also co-exist with existing Netezza systems so you can upgrade at your own pace as you modernize your journey to cloud.

Netezza Performance Server is delivered with the same load and go ease of use customers expect. No indexing or tuning is required, ensuring that the entire set of available nz utilities remains unchanged. It also provides 100 percent compatibility with your existing data integration and BI tools; all you do is re-point your existing ETLs or third party applications. Zero changes are necessary to get the same predictable linear performance scalability that you like about Netezza, enabling superior time-to-value so you can focus your resources on higher value activities that make analytics work for you.

Secure, hybrid multi-cloud experience

A cloud data warehouse is fast, elastic and scales to near infinite capacity. We’ve built Netezza on the Cloud to take those benefits to the next level. Available on both IBM Cloud and Amazon Web Services, the built-in automation and auto-recovery provides a highly-available and fault-tolerant Netezza deployment with minimal human touch, ensuring your data warehouse is running continuously without interruption.

Access your cloud data lake, whether on IBM Cloud Object Store or AWS S3 with high speed Netezza external tables. Backups can also be scheduled at your convenience and kept in object stores as well as replicated to multiple availability zones.

There is also a seamless Netezza ground to Netezza cloud experience should you want to stay hybrid.


Our approach to data analysis is patented and proven. Netezza Performance Server continues on the tradition of minimizing data movement while processing at considerable speed with multi-petabyte scalability. The unique asymmetric massively parallel processing architecture (AMPP) and patented hybrid columnar acceleration assist crunches through massive amounts of data with speed and alacrity. Below are a few customer quotes that encapsulate the experience:

We ported a six-year-old custom-code application running thousands of ELT operations. Ran first time without a hiccup and finished so fast we thought it had failed. A leading National Concierge Service
Our longest queries returned in a fraction of their original time, and saw no concurrency drag running hundreds at once. Customer from Health Care Industry

Smart Analytics

Unlike existing Netezza systems, the Netezza Performance Server for IBM Cloud Pak for Data delivers a trusted and modernized analytics platform. Core enhancements include data virtualization and the built-in data science and machine learning. These features substantially enhance the in- database analytics capabilities that already come with Netezza, in effect enabling you to do data science and machine learning at scale.

Take the Netezza test drive

Netezza is back and better than ever. Experience, simplicity, speed, scalability and intelligence of Netezza as part of a system of insight, the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform, on-premises, in the cloud, or both. Talk to your IBM representative today or schedule a free consultation with a Netezza expert. Those looking for additional information can also visit our Netezza website.

Accelerate your journey to AI.

Special thanks to the other members of the Netezza- Cloud Pak for Data Offering team, Miran Badzak (Principal Offering Manager Lead, Hybrid Data Management, IBM Data & AI) and Anson Kokkat (Offering Manager, Hybrid Data Management, IBM Data & AI) for their contributions on this blog.



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