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Did you know there are User Groups in the HDM Community?

User Groups are a great way to connect locally with other HDM users. Currently, we have 4 active local user groups hosted on IBM Community: EMEA Db2 Analytics Accelerator Users Group NA Db2 Analytics Accelerator Users' Group St. Louis Db2 Users Group UKI - Db2 for z/OS...

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Db2 Administration Tool: moving tables to universal table spaces (FL508)

Db2 Administration Tool: moving tables from deprecated multi-table simple or segmented table spaces to universal table spaces (FL508) by Kate Wheat With APAR PH31554 IBM Db2 Administration Tool has added support for moving tables from the deprecated multi-table tablespaces into the strategic...

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RE: DB2 direct upgrade from 9.7 to 11.5

Hi Hung Tam, I completely agree with you, that you now have a tedious step inbetween. But on the other hand, DB2 9.7 came out in July 2009 and even end of support is more than two years ago. So IBM is just trying to cut the complexity of such a migration down to a neccessary part. In previous...

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DB2 direct upgrade from 9.7 to 11.5

It is possible to upgrade directly 9.7 to 11.1 via an offline backup It is no longer possible to do this with 11.5. The error is: SQL2514N The RESTORE was not successful. The backup used to restore the database contained a database with a release number that is not compatible with the...