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Take a new look at fast index traversal (FTBs) in Db2 12

By Akiko Hoshikawa and Paul McWilliams. The fast index traversal feature of Db2 12 (often called "FTB" for "fast traverse blocks") delivers valuable Db2 transaction performance improvements without the need for application changes. FTBs use a cache-friendly optimized in-memory structure...

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DSN1COMP now estimates the effectiveness of compressing data with IBM z14 Hardware based Huffman encoding

In Db2 12, with the PTF for APAR PH19242 applied, you can now use the DSN1COMP stand-alone utility to estimate the space savings that you might realize by compressing your data in Db2 for z/OS table spaces with IBM z14 hardware-based Huffman compression . The capability to compress data...

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Recent enhacenments to Db2 12

Db2® 12 for z/OS introduces continuous delivery of new capabilities in a single service stream. With continuous delivery, many APARs in Db2 12 deliver deactivated functional code to support future function levels. However, some APAR introduce their enhancements immediately, regardless of the...