SangGyu Jeong


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Hi. I am working at Software Technical Support Department of Infrasoft in Korea. Infrasoft, my current company, is an IBM partner and the products we deal with are primarily IBM software. My current responsibilities include software installation, software configuration, maintenance, defects reproduction, data migration, DBMS parameter / SQL tuning, Informix architecture / SQL training, project support including PoC and BMT.

The software I support is Informix, Db2, which is a DBMS, and IBM Optim, a data archiving solution. And I have also experienced DBMS such as Oracle, ALTIBASE HDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL depending on the production system environment of the client.

I like to work with colleagues and clients around me to find answers to manuals, information search, issue reproduction, and to help and feel rewarding. In addition to technical discussions with colleagues around the world, I was awarded as a question and answer activity in the database community of the Internet. As I went through many trial and error while providing software technical support, I blogged about attitudes and preparation process I try to document it.

I have been interested in online communities related to databases such as PRODBA, Database LoveNet, Gurubee, and KDUG (Korea DB2 User Group). I often answer questions I know about in the bulletin board. I try to find a solution by recreating a situation similar to the environment of the software in question.
In 2013 and 2014, I was named IBM champion of  Information Management in the IBM Corporation for contributions to the KDUG community.

I was trying to preview and provide useful features of the new version of Informix, Db2 through the Early Access Program, where I can experience IBM's new trial software. Because critical systems that have little or no downtime are difficult to apply new features or change existing structures, I have helped customers apply the changes after they have been thoroughly tested on less critical systems.

System operation should be stable and sensitive to changes, but I like to be familiar with the new version of the product, the various system environments of new customers, and the nature of responding to customer technical inquiries seems to fit my inclination.