Martin Hubel

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Martin Hubel has both extensive and intensive experience in database design, enterprise and application architecture, and system administration for relational database management systems, particularly DB2.  For the past 30 years, Martin has consulted and taught more than 400 clients worldwide to use DB2 effectively, and designed DB2 product lines for software vendors.  Prior to his software experience, Martin worked in both the private and public sectors gaining broad experience in most areas of information technology.

Being a practitioner allows skills to be developed, while teaching consolidates this knowledge and provides the satisfaction of helping others to grow. Martin has always found a combination of both doing and teaching to be very satisfying.

Martin has worked on mainframe DB2 since 1985, and has worked with DB2 on Linux, Unix and Windows since 1993.  The majority of his consulting work focuses around database and application design, performance, recovery, and systems management issues.  He was a participant in virtually all DB2 for LUW beta programs. He is also an IBM GOLD Consultant, an invitation-only program that recognizes the top consultants in the world, and an IBM Champion for Information Management. Martin has contributed two chapters to a book published by Prentice Hall entitled:  "Data Warehousing:  Practical Advice From the Experts."  He also has written many DB2 related articles for various publications. He has been active in a number of professional organizations including the International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) and is an internationally recognized speaker on various topics relating to DB2.  Martin's current client list includes companies in the banking, communications, finance, insurance, retail, health care, K-12, public utilities, transportation, and software industries.