The DataView Show #5: The SPEEDup of Everything with guest Paul Zikopoulos, IBM VP

When:  Dec 5, 2019 from 11:00 AM to 12:02 PM (CT)
WE are in a world where everything is going faster. Consider, historically, the time it's taken to reach an audience of 50 million for any product; a car was 62 years, a TV was 22 years, today you can reach 50 million in days, tomorrow it will be hours. Now add to this the truth that tech years are like dog years. All in all, things are going faster. In this world of Big Data and AI how do you keep up; how do you go faster? The SPEEDup of Everything will talk about some AI use cases, the problem with data, how AI is going to help us, and how you get your AI going faster. Obviously there is some IBM stuff in here, but you're going to learn a lot about the things you should be thinking about and how IBM can accelerate this journey. Hint: It's not just put GPUs behind everything.

BIO for Paul Zikopoulos, VP of Big Data Cognitive Systems at IBM:

Paul is an award winning professional writer and speaker who has been consulted on the topic of Big Data by the popular TV show "60 Minutes", advises various universities on their graduate analytics programs, and, most recently, Paul was named to Analytics Insights' "2019 Top 100 Global AI & Big Data Influencers" list and has appeared on over a dozen other global "Experts to Follow" and "Influencers" lists. You'll also find Paul taking a very active role around Women in Technology (including a seated board member for Women 2.0 ... who he became involved with after his tweet was mentioned on "The View" TV show), LGBT + workplace inclusivity, and Coding for Veterans. Paul has written 19 books (including 4 'For Dummies' titles and 360+ articles during the 23 years he's been focussed on data; he doesn't think NoSQL is something you put on resume if you don't have SQL skills and he knows JSON is a technology ... not a person in his department.


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