Db2 SAP Executive Summit - APAC/JPJ

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When:  Oct 28, 2021 from 08:00 AM to 01:00 PM (JP)
IBM and Business Partners invite you to the annual virtual Db2 SAP Executive Summit on October 28th 2021.

SAP has extended support for Business Suite applications until at least 2030 and IBM continues to invest in SAP Db2 Development and SAP Db2 Integration.

As you evaluate your SAP applications for the next 10 years to run on-premise, cloud and mixed environments. Migrating SAP applications to the cloud is rapidly growing and doing it properly can dramatically reduce operating costs, whilst enhancing performance and reliability. Db2 provides customers with the ability to move SAP workloads to any cloud vendor of choice including Alibaba, AWS, Azure, GCP and IBM Cloud. Db2 features like BLU, HADR or IBM products like Aspera and Data Replication Change Data Capture can massively reduce the downtime during the migration.
IBM Db2 has very broad support of SAP applications between the very old SAP R/3 4.6 and the newest NetWeaver 7.5 versions. Customers have the flexibility to use Db2 database versions between Db2 9.7 and Db2 11.5 based on their business requirements. Customers also benefit from early access to the latest features, aligned product releases, maintenance and support cycles which reduce cost and risk. This kind of broad support of database and SAP versions is unique.

The Db2 SAP Executive Summit will be worth your time to attend and help significantly optimize TCO for your SAP environment.


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