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  • 1. not backing up logs after upgrade

    Posted Tue September 27, 2022 03:33 PM
    This seems to happened every time I upgrade our ERP server.

    SUSE Enterprise (SLES) 11.4 -> 15.4 and Informix 12.10.FC7 to 12.10.FC13

    Added some debug lines in the script and showing a 127 error - which not sure makes sense as permissions look ok I think.
    can't seem to figure out what the problem is. Any ideas?

    below the out put of the debug lines:

    BACKUPLOGS before if = Y
    BACKUP_CMD = ontape -a -d

    what manual says 127 means

    127 Could not write to the emergency boot file.
    Often, an operating-system error message accompanies this problem. Check the permissions on the following files and directories:

    $INFORMIXDIR/etc on UNIX(tm) or %INFORMIXDIR%\etc on Windows(tm)
    The emergency boot file


    informix cars: ll / | grep opt
    drwxr-xr-x 20 root root 4096 Mar 15 2022 opt
    informix cars: ll /opt | grep informix
    drwxr-xr-x 35 informix informix 4096 Sep 26 23:57 informix informix cars: ll /opt/informix | grep etc
    drwxrwxr-x 10 informix informix 4096 Sep 27 09:02 etc

    which ksh

    what I added to
    # -- GU
    env | sort
    ptree $$
    ) > /tmp/jda.txt
    echo "BACKUPLOGS before if = $BACKUPLOGS" >> /tmp/jda.txt # -- GU
    if [ "x${BACKUPLOGS}" = xY ]
    # -- GU
    # $BACKUP_CMD 2>&1 >> /dev/null
    echo "BACKUP_CMD = $BACKUP_CMD" >> /tmp/jda.txt
    $BACKUP_CMD 2>&1 >> /tmp/jda.txt # -- GU
    printf " '$BACKUP_CMD' has been executed and returned CODE=%s\n\n" $EXIT_STATUS
    # -- GU
    echo "BACKUPLOGS EXIT_STATUS = $EXIT_STATUS" >> /tmp/jda.txt # -- GU

    John David Adamski
    Sr. Sysadmin/DBA
    Graceland University
    1 University Place, Lamoni, IA 50140

  • 2.  RE: not backing up logs after upgrade

    IBM Champion
    Posted Tue September 27, 2022 03:54 PM
    The 127 error here is an OS error for "command not found", and not an Informix error.

    It seems that the ontape command itself is not found.  You can always add "which ontape" as one of your debugging messages if you want to confirm this. 

    Your PATH looks weird as normally you would expect the "$INFORMIXDIR" to be expanded to the actual directory of "/opt/informix" rather than still showing $INFORMIXDIR.

    While INFORMIXDIR may be correct in your environment, I suspect that the PATH was not set correctly or exported correctly when informix was started up.  That's just a guess though.

    Mike Walker
    xDB Systems, Inc

  • 3.  RE: not backing up logs after upgrade

    Posted Tue September 27, 2022 04:06 PM



    Oooooooooooooooooh so an OS error.  Ok will look into that and yes I thought the PATH was weird looking. But wasn't sure.


    Thanks for the lead.




  • 4.  RE: not backing up logs after upgrade

    Posted Tue September 27, 2022 04:11 PM
    change to and create a new does something like ...

    #! /bin/bash



    set -x $*

    ) > /tmp/ 2>&1


    Paul Watson
    Oninit LLC

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  • 5.  RE: not backing up logs after upgrade

    Posted Tue September 27, 2022 04:59 PM

    That seems to be the problem.  To verify I modified the script to fully qualify the path for ontape and it works.  Now got to figure out why its not getting the correct PATH.


    The user Informix looks fine.


    informix cars: echo $PATH



    The ERP give us the Informix installer script they create so do the upgrade so must be a problem in that.




  • 6.  RE: not backing up logs after upgrade

    Posted Fri September 30, 2022 06:50 AM

    The actual problem was when the ERP vendor was coding the switch from inetd to systemctl they had an extra '$' in the conf file for informix for systemctl to use.


    Removing the '$' and bouncing informix fixed the problem.




  • 7.  RE: not backing up logs after upgrade

    Posted Tue September 27, 2022 03:57 PM


    I happened to notice this in your debugging:

    But later you reference ksh. Not sure if this could be the issue but thought I would mention it.

    David Link

  • 8.  RE: not backing up logs after upgrade

    Posted Tue September 27, 2022 04:08 PM

    I did a which on ksh as read some Informix commands run on it and not the default shell.  Was just showing we have ksh installed. 


    Should have explained better.