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  • Hi Andreas, Thank you for your help. Just for information, stop/start of informix instance solved the issue. Regards ------------------------------ Jean Francois BOUDRY ------------------------------

  • Jean: Again, if you have trouble compiling on AIX reach out to me directly (my email address is in the package and also on my web site) and I can help. The biggest difficulty with compiling on AIX is that there are three different compilers with different ...

  • thx, i will try on monday. I already downloaded it, but have some problems to compile it on AIX. I will try, but when executing the simple select request manually, i also have the same problem, probably i will have also with myschema. As i will ...

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  • In today’s world, companies need to be able to derive insights from their data no matter where it is – and that’s what Informix is all about. No matter the complication, Informix is built to be your partner on the journey towards maximizing your data. ...

  • Installing IBM Informix 14.10 Author: Ram Sivaguru, HCL This blog discusses the new way to install IBM Informix 14.10. Traditionally users would download the software from IBM’s Passport Advantage website and or from IBM’s Fix Central website ...

  • What's new with the JDBC driver for Informix Author: Brian Hughes, HCL The past couple of years have seen vast improvements in quality, performance and modernization for JDBC. The newest major version of our driver, JDBC 4.50.JC1, is no exception. ...

  • One of the key benefits of using docker is the simplicity, portability and immutable nature of a docker image. You may have a need to use the docker image and configure the IBM Informix instance to your specific requirements and create any database/tables ...

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