• Your voice needs to be heard! Please complete this important Survey

    Dear Informix friends,
    It has been some time since snapshots regarding the state of Informix and the means of representing Informix users were taken. For that purpose, the IIUG (International Informix Users Group) Board of Directors has devised a short survey regarding those two subjects. The idea behind this survey is to better shape the collective voice of the Informix Community and increase ways for IIUG to serve this Community. 
    Completing the survey will take no more than 10 minutes of your time and it would mean a lot to us and the future of Informix. The survey can be accessed via: Please find some time in your busy schedule to complete the survey. Feel free to share this with your relevant coworkers, customers, etc. 
    Thanks in advance, 
    IIUG Board of Directors
    Cindy Lichtenauer - IIUG President
  • Please vote for Informix in the 2020 DBTA Reader’ Choice Awards!

    We need you to help show you love of Informix.  DBTA has opened up their Annual voting for information management solutions, products, and services.  Hurry a place you vote, voting closes Wednesday, May 8th.  Thanks for your support.

  • Update on IIUG Events in 2020

    Hello IIUG Members and Informix Enthusiasts!
    Just a quick update on the IIUG and our plans for 2020.  
    As an international organization with Board members around the world, we've been working virtually since the organization's founding to provide the Informix community with Technical Events and important Informix updates. That work continues today. 
    We had several events planned in India with the International DB2 User Group, which were cancelled due to potential health concerns. We expect to reschedule those sometime later this year.
    In lieu of holding one major event, we have been planning additional IIUG-only events in Chicago, New York City, London and Munich, to name a few. These events are intended to ensure you have the latest marketing and technical information about Informix as well as gather your feedback on what the IIUG and Informix development can do to better support your environment. Locations were identified and reservations made, however, due to the same health concerns, we have decided to put all events on hold. We will let you know as soon as they are re-scheduled.
    We wish you and your family safety and health and look forward to continuing to work with you and for you in 2020.
    Cindy Lichtenauer
    President - International Informix Users Group

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