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Welcome to the Db2 Utilities and Tools for z/OS Community where you can get the latest news, best practices, technical details and other valuable information about the Utilities and Tools you use to help you manage and maintain Db2 for z/OS.

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  • Db2 Administration Tool: moving tables from multi-table tablespaces into universal table spaces (FL508) - by Kate Wheat With APAR PH31554 IBM Db2 Administration Tool has added support for moving tables from the deprecated multi-table tablespaces ...

  • The IBM Db2 Automation Tool has introduced a new exception condition based on the catalog table SYSIBM.SYSSTATFEEDBACK. The SYSIBM.SYSTATFEEDBACK catalog table contains objects which are missing or have conflicting catalog statistics. With this new ...

  • IBM Db2 Administration Tool: generate DDL for parent tablespace and database (GEN/MIG) by Jørn Thyssen and Tom Ulveman Jensen Introduction When you use IBM Db2 Administration Tool’s (AOC) GEN function to reverse engineer DDL from the Db2 ...

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  • Db2 Administration Tool: support for Db2 native REST services by Jørn Thyssen and Tom Ulveman Jensen The Db2 native REST services introduced a while ago in Db2 for z/OS is gaining popularity as an alternative way to access Db2 for z/OS data. ...

  • Db2 Administration Tool: improved schema support by Jørn Thyssen and Tom Ulveman Jensen For many years the Db2 Administration Tool (AOC) had the following search criteria on the “Db2 System Catalog” panel (option 1 from AOC main menu): Enter ...

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