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Join us on April 21st to learn how to maximize mainframe value in today’s digital transformation. The mainframe remains a strategic platform for many organizations.  Its use has evolved and changed over years to keep pace with your business needs and growth.  In today’s digital world, applications are connected, accessed and constantly changing.  This growth and change places a strain on predicting demands and costs of IT services you need.   CLICK HERE TO REGISTER:
Topics include:
  • New ways to align value to your workloads, based on amount of system resources consumed
  • How advanced software technology can be used to optimize costs.
 Whether you’re an architect, manager or administrator, you’ll benefit from the knowledge you gain from attending this session.

When:  Tuesday, April 21st
Time:    11 AM
Speakers:  Andrew Mead, IBM Z Systems BUE, Kevin Poole, IBM Data & Analytics BUE

The webcast will be immediately followed by a live question-and-answer session and made available for replay after the live event.   Reserve your seat with a registration at http://bit.ly/Apr21_IBMZ

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    Check out the latest enhancements to Db2 DevOps Experience, including:
    • New and improved site rules
    • Support for CA Top Secret® security manager
    • Support for secondary authorization for dbaUser
    • and more...

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  • Recovery Expert has the ability to recover objects and the associated data that were accidently dropped. This type of functionality is available in both the ISPF and WebUI interface. There's a step-by-step guide in the Db2 Tools Library under "Recovery ...

  • Query Monitor V3.3 introduced the ability to set up adaptive thresholds that can learn and change as your application changes. There's a step-by-step guide in the Db2 Tools Library under "Db2 Query Monitor" that will walk you thru how to implement ...

  • IBM is transforming and modernizing your Db2 end-to-end performance experience. Using built-in analytics and anomaly detection feature introduced in November 2019, Infused AI performance monitoring can provide a more accurate monitoring of your application ...

  • Recovery Expert has now introduced the ability to generate both recovery plans and the recovery JCL for a plan in batch. This comes in handy if you have a need to run a reoccurring job that will build the recovery plans and then execute the results ...

  • This new feature will allow automated table versioning support in IBM Db2 Log Analysis Tool for z/OS. Current situation When IBM Db2 Log Analysis Tool for z/OS processes log records, it must know the column definitions and the column order to ...

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