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Announcing October 20, 2020

A new way to manage Db2 for z/OS wih IBM Unified Management Server for z/OS. is the architectural platform for modern mainframe data management.  IBM Db2 DevOps Experience for z/OS, V1.2 is the first offering to take advantage of this architecture to deliver database services for IBM Db2 for z/OS.     Here's ways that you can learn more about this new architecture and enhanced features delivered in Db2 DevOps Experience V1.2:

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  • IBM Unified Management Server for z/OS V1.1 & IBM Db2 DevOps Experience for z/OS V1.2

    The Unified Management Server for z/OS (UMS) UMS for z/OS, V1.1 provides a foundational framework for modernizing the installation, configuration, administration, management, and operations of Db2 for z/OS and IMS subsystems. UMS for z/OS provides a common set of discovery, configuration, and operational services as a way of classifying all the available Db2 and IMS database services with consistency without having to separately install or recreate those services. 

    Db2 DevOps Experience for z/OS is enhanced in 1.2:
    • New architecture for simplification and performance
    • Significant improvements in user interface and workflows
    • Improved installation
    • Notification of down-level work & ability to merge
    • Enriched ability to view and understand merge conflicts with change request conflict notification and resolution
    • Ability to restart from failed apply
    • Greatly expanded site rules
    • Greater support of External Security Manager, including RACF, Top Secret and ACF2

  • Enhancements to IBM Db2 DevOps Experience for z/OS

    Check out the latest enhancements to Db2 DevOps Experience, including:
    • New and improved site rules
    • Support for CA Top Secret® security manager
    • Support for secondary authorization for dbaUser
    • and more...
  • Changes in Ordering IBM Db2 Object Comparison Tool for z/OS

    You might have noticed that the End of Marketing (EOM) date for IBM Db2 Object Comparison Tool for z/OS V12.1 was announced on 9/19/2019. Therefore, it is no longer available in the ShopZcatalog as a separate product that you can order. However, Object Comparison Tool is included in the following solution packs:· IBM Db2 Administration Solution Pack for z/OS, V3.1 (5697-ASP)· IBM Db2 Change Management Solution Pack for z/OS, V1.1 (5655-CH1)You can order either of these solution packs in ShopZ.Db2 Object Comparison Tool is required if you want to use the Change Management function of Db2 Administration Tool.

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