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  • I hear a lot of support for DBeaver where I work. ------------------------------ Jim Brooks ------------------------------

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    How to schedule jobs ?

    I'm on a docker container on IIAS and setup is using anacron. I understand why, in a docker environment where containers may be brought up and down this can be useful. In my company's situation and usage, the container is not used like that. We need ...

  • I've successfully loaded the mapbox using custom control and put the data from the database onto the mapbox. I tried the same thing using google map but it didn't work. Your views and opinions are greatly appreciated. This is the code to load google ...

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  • A new best practices paper has been published describing the recommended practices to achieve the best possible compression for BLU tables. This best practices paper is written by: Ron Liu Bob Lyle and Christina Lee Click the file below to read ...

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