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  • Elevating a QMF Fix pack to a fully licensed and configured version for roll out to new machines If my organization has one hundred laptops with QMF for Workstation installed and configured, then when a QMF Fix pack comes out, I download it from ...

  • QMF: Generating Executable Statements from QMF Query Results Recently a request came in from a customer asking if QMF could generate SQL Insert Statements from a query result set. The process detailed here can accomplish this. It can also be used to ...

  • QMF for TSO/CICS introduces improved usage of the Db2 Dynamic Statement Cache with support for statement concentration with literals. When Db2 dynamic statement caching is active, you can specify that Db2 exclude literal constants that are in dynamic ...

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  • To access and exploit features available in new Db2 for z/OS 12 function levels, QMF for TSO/CICS administrators can adjust QMF's APPLCOMPAT bind option as appropriate. The QMF bind package job can then be rerun to bind QMF packages with the updated ...

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