IBM Query Management Facility (QMF)

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  • An alternative to using UDTF's to generate is to use the DVM feature of IDF. The video below demonstrates the process for creating Cobol programs using IBM Data Virtualization Manager or QMF Data Service:

  • On April 27 th , 2021, we kicked off a new QMF webinar series! The series is titled “I didn’t know you could do that with QMF”. The QMF product family contains a lot of great functionality within its vast array of components. From the discussions that ...

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  • Using a query accelerator like the IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS, can speed up query processing of eligible queries run from QMF. Dynamic queries run through the QMF RUN QUERY command can benefit from this performance boost. Through special ...

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  • QMF has long offered the QMF High Performance Option which can generate Cobol source code that embeds QMF SQL queries and optionally compile it. With a recent innovation in IBM Data Virtualization Manager and in the QMF Data Service ( a derivative of ...

  • Jan left the company. She had the greatest QMF query she would run that produced the project report used each week in the department meeting. You have access to all the tables used in the query. You know the name of the QMF query (JAN.SUPER_QUERY) but ...