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Request for experiences with Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS (IDAA V7)

  • 1.  Request for experiences with Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS (IDAA V7)

    Posted Wed June 03, 2020 05:15 PM

    We are planning on upgrading to Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS and are wondering if anyone will share their experiences with using Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS. We are trying to determine which deployment may fit best for our company, Db2 Analytics Accelerator on Z or Analytics Accelerator on Integrated Analytics System.  Would anyone like to share:

    • Which deployment was used, Db2 Analytics Accelerator on Z or Analytics Accelerator? And if Db2 Analytics Accelerator on Z was used, was it using IFLs on z15 or LinuxOne?
    • Why did was this deployment typed used?
    • Any positive/favorable experiences with the deployment selection?
    • Any issues/challenges with the deployment selection?

    Tammy Brodahl

  • 2.  RE: Request for experiences with Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS (IDAA V7)

    Posted Thu June 04, 2020 03:35 AM
    ​Hello Tammy,
    We started with v5 so we had two boxes for HA purposes.
     Then we asked to have a smaller box for test, this was because we needed to give developer a test environment where they can be able to do whatever they need without need of controlling resources.  All resources of one box are shared among all environment enabled on it, for instance space is shared among al DB2 (production/test/development) and there is no way to limit it, so we restricted the permission to add tables in the accelerator, but this isn't the way developers are used to work.

     When we migrated to v7, the Db2 analytics Accelerator on Z was at its very beginning and for the amount of queries running (we have one singlet applications that runs 500 queries/sec) to have Analytics Accelerator on Integrated Analytics System was still the best choice. Since than I know it has improved a lot (especially with v7.5).

    I asked once at a workshop (in October 2019) with the people from lab if there could be a reason for us to leave the stand alone box and run on Z, they told me no that for our environment since we already had the stand alone box we could continue that way. Remember in 2019 accelerator on Z was still young and has a lot improved.

    I think all depends on your workload and on your assets that you already have available.
    The HW resources required are CPU(IFLs), Memory, Network adapters, storage adapters, Storage. You need to make consideration on those.

    Customizable configuration and highly flexible scaling
    Single Node: Minimum 2 IFLs / 64 GB memory, maximum 40 IFLs / 4,096 GB
    Multi Node: Minimum 30 IFLs / 1.5 TB memory, maximum 190 IFLs / 20 TB
    Can utilize shared infrastructure, such as network or storage adapters

    Those are the characteristics of the accelerator on Z:
    •Running on IBM Z servers in a Secure Service Container (SSC) LPAR
    •"Download & go" –very easy to deploy
    •Delivers the full SW stack including operating system, docker engine, Db2 Warehouse engine, Accelerator components and infrastructure management

     A solution leveraging IBM Z infrastructure
     •Runs on IBM Z systems starting with z13 (z13, z13s, z14, z14 ZR1, z15)
    •Leverage "white space" (unused capacity) in existing systems –or dedicate a stand-alone system, e.g. LinuxONE
    •Leverage existing storage systems (CKD or FB) –no dedicated storage system required
    •Leverage existing IBM Z high-availability and disaster recovery solution by integration of the Accelerator with GDPS/Metro

    Said that you could have a mixed environment, have a test environment using an accelerator on Z.
    To have it on a separate box it also means a different maintenance management.
    All considerations you need to do.

    Hope I have helped you with my considerations. Feel free to ask me more questions.
    Regards Chiara

    Chiara Baldan

  • 3.  RE: Request for experiences with Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS (IDAA V7)

    Posted Mon June 15, 2020 11:09 AM
    We also upgraded from IDAA v5.  However we were very attracted to the stability and reliability we felt would be possible using IDAAz.  We performed a POC using IDAA 7.1.8 and we are now running 7.5.1 in a multi-node configuration.  We purchased IFLs on Z15s, and additional storage to allow for our forecasted growth.  We are very pleased with the method of installing updates and maintaining the software.  We can now install an update in about 3 hours (used to take us several weeks and be prone to error).

    Our experience has not been without challenges (we know the level 2 staff in Germany pretty well now).​  Our configuration is unique (multimode vs single node), and we are rather on the leading edge of this technology.  Once we reach a point of stability and reliability, I will recommend to our team that we take a different approach to installing updates. 

    Areas where you should exercise caution: 
    Storage consumption.  It came configured with 32K extents by default.  This caused us to very quickly approach a disk full condition, and the tools available to monitor the storage status left quite a lot to be desired.  Changing to 4k extents seems to be helping so far.
    Slower queries.  Some queries were dramatically slower.  LUW data engineers from IBM helped us to determine that we simply needed to change some of the organizing keys.  Our performance has improved since then.

    Good luck with your decision.  I hope I was helpful.

    KC Morrison

  • 4.  RE: Request for experiences with Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS (IDAA V7)

    Posted Tue June 16, 2020 10:00 AM
    Hello, K.C.:
    I'm quite interested about the storage consumption that you mentioned.   From our experience it also shows dramatic increase in disk storage compared to IDAA V5.       Would you please share the effect about decreasing the extent size from 32K to 4K?   And how to change the extent size in IDAA on z?

    I/T Specialist


  • 5.  RE: Request for experiences with Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS (IDAA V7)

    Posted Tue June 16, 2020 10:54 AM

    In our experience the change to extent size 4k reduced the overall storage consumption by half... This was recently changed in our shop via IBM webex, but the default extent size should be changed to 4k starting with 7.5.2 (according to my discussions).  7.5.2 is due to be GA at the end of June.


    Be warned, if you make the change via webex, it requires a complete data wipe.  We are still working to complete rebuilding and reloading all of our tables.  I don't know if that will be required if you wait for 7.5.2.

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  • 6.  RE: Request for experiences with Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS (IDAA V7)

    Posted Wed June 17, 2020 10:24 AM
    Hello, K.C.:
    It sounds a good idea to wait for GA of 7.5.2 if the schedule is not delayed.   I'll communicate with customer as he set a deadline  for the migration project.   The alternative is to request a webex and change in current 7.5.1 environment.
    Thanks for your advise.   Have a good day.