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DMC - Index definition view not useful

  • 1.  DMC - Index definition view not useful

    Posted 20 days ago

    The most important thing when looking at index definition is to find the columns key segments that compostes that index. 

    And DMC fails terribly in showing that.  

    The main view, has no option to choose the fields you want to see.   
    It should be nice to have an option to choose the "important" attributes from teh index to be shown directly in the main grid view.   It shows only two things  the index name and the schema, which is not required as you have to choose the schema before hand in the right side panel. 

    to "see" the columns that makes part of the index definition you are forced to click on properties  for each one of them individually.  
    But , then,  the format blocks you to see all the columns. 


    This UI needs a full review.  to improve user experience here. 


    Samuel Pizarro
    Db2 DBA
    Brazil / Sumaré - SP