New RFE for your review.

  • 1.  New RFE for your review.

    Posted Thu August 01, 2019 12:51 PM
    I have entered a new RFE detailed below. Please vote for this RFE if you agree with it.
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    When creating a stored procedure or function with the IF NOT EXISTS optional clause included, the option text is currently included in the saved source code for the procedure. 

    This should be changed such that the optional clause is removed before saving the procedure source code in sysprocbody.
    This can confuse some software, both IBM and third party, written to analyse and support Informix and is not necessary to be saved as its addition does not change the understanding of the procedure source nor how it was created. The very fact that the source with that text was saved indicates that the procedure did not exist at the time it was last created which would be true and the only valid inference even without that text.

    Similarly, when the behavior of CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE/FUNCTION is fixed, that syntax should also not be saved as it also does not add to the understanding of the routine's creation and will further break third party tools.

    Art Kagel