Hybrid Data Management

New Videos on Db2 Services 

Wed July 10, 2019 01:13 PM

Earlier this year, Db2’s Content Design team created a series of short videos to aid users in their navigation of the Knowledge Center. The Content Design team is coming back with two new videos on downloading Db2 to ease our users’ experiences. These two videos will walk users through installing and running Db2 on Docker and provisioning a Db2 on Cloud service.


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Provision a Db2 on Cloud Service   90.17MB   1 version
Uploaded - Wed July 10, 2019
How to set up Db2 on Cloud, load a data set into a table, and run an SQL statement retrieving data from your new table.
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Install and Run Db2 on Docker on Ubuntu Linux   66.96MB   1 version
Uploaded - Wed July 10, 2019
Install and run a Db2 image on Docker. Pull the Db2 image, start running a container of the image, and enter the running container. Finally create a sample database and run SQL statements on a sample table.