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Db2 Augmented Data Explorer V0.5 is now available!

By VINAYAK AGRAWAL posted Wed July 24, 2019 10:51 PM


Today (July 24th 2019), we are excited to announce the V0.5.0 beta going live for IBM Db2 - Augmented Data Explorer!
In this release, we have focused all our efforts on the feedback that we have received from our beta users.

Whats New:

This release has the following new features and updates:

  1. UI Enhancements:
    UI Enhancements for ADE
  • Brand New Home Page: Previously, when the app would start, the first page that the user would see was the search page. This caused confusion as the user did not know that they first need to crawl data to perform search over it. The new landing page is more aligned with the first user experience on informing the user on the key capabilities of the tool and the steps required to get started.
  • Separate Use-case Based Tabs– In the new release, the UI has 5 different tabs based on their purpose.  These are:  
    • Home – This is landing page for the user to get started. It provides the information mentioned above in “Brand New Landing Dashboard”
    • Explore – This tab allows the user to explore crawled tables, their relationship and quality of column in a visual graph and organized list.
    • Search – This tab allows the user to provide search over user data. This tab also provides autonomous visualization based on query and also recommends other related query.
    • Data – This tab allows the user to configure connection to the Db2 instance, select the desired tables and crawl them. This also provides information of the crawled data.
    • Help – This tab provides the user with the documentation for the V0.5 beta release.


New ADE Explorer
  • Enhanced Exploration Capability: In the previous version of ADE (Db2 Augmented Data Explorer), the explore feature allowed the user to explore the data (tables) that were crawled and their relationship with each other. This was represented ONLY as a visual graph. In the new release, we took this feature, a step further by providing not just a graph representation but also as a hierarchical list, based on schema and tables under the schema. This will allow the user to more easily explore the data and also under the quality of its columns.



  1. Search Capability:
History feature of ADE

  • History- With this new release, the product will maintain the history of queries so that the users will be able to view queries that they have run in the past. This will reduce user’s effort in-case they have to execute same query repeatedly.
  • NLP Improvement – This will allow the product to provide results/suggestions when a user wants to search based on a broader category. For example, if the user wants to do a group by demographic, the product will understand that demographic can include the following columns from the table – Education, Age, Gender, Marital Status. This will allow user to see the available options. Currently the dictionary has limited synonyms. In the future release, we plan to allow the end user to be able to expand this capability by putting their own synonyms if they choose so.

  • Improved Search – We have put in extra efforts to improve our search capability and automatic inference of data category (continuous vs categorical)
  1. Improved Installation Experience:

In this release, the users will have smoother installation experience, particularly on windows desktop machines. Since ADE Desktop is a dockarized container, we have added enough pre-requite tests in windows machine before the installer initiates the installation to avoid a poor/incomplete installation scenario.

Thank you to our beta users who have helped make this product more user-friendly and purposeful.


What is IBM Db2 Augmented Data Explorer?
IBM Db2 Augmented Data Explorer makes it easy for business users to easily access insights from their enterprise's data and act on them. The explorer is an easy to use, web-based platform that connects to Db2 databases, be it on-prem or the cloud, to instantly pull key insights through automatically generated visualizations and natural language summaries. No need to wait for weekly reports to answer your questions; just ask them yourself and get answers in seconds. With Db2 Augmented Data Explorer, we put YOU, the business user, at the center, to make better business decisions.

Try the New Beta Now: Click Here



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Wed September 25, 2019 12:11 PM

I'm looking forward to checking it out.  How will it be licensed or offered?  Bundled into Db2 editions?