Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS



Db2 Analytics Accelerator V7.5.3 is available for all customers

By Ute Baumbach posted Fri October 16, 2020 09:41 AM

Db2 Analytics Accelerator V7.5.3 is available for all customers.
The following support pages have been updated with information for the latest version:

IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS Version 7.5.3 Release Notes

Prerequisites and Maintenance for IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator for z/OS, V7

Db2 Analytics Accelerator V7.5.3 provides the following main enhancements and improvements

  • Integrated Synchronization enhancements
    • High availability support in Data Sharing Group environments using TIMEDAFFINITY option for DDVIPA address of Data Sharing Group
    • Db2 for z/OS IP address and port change support using the Configuration Console
    • Support of tables with "NULLable" replication key column(s)
    • New SMF monitoring counters in IFCID 2 to monitor CPU and zIIP times (requires Db2 for z/OS APARs PH18334 and PH26681)
  • Distribution and organizing keys can now be changed for archived tables
  • Performance and stability improvements
  • Improved disk space management
    • Compression improvement for small tables with less than 10240 rows by deferred synopsis tables creation
    • Consistent space monitoring
      • All available disk space usage monitoring counters are now based on the used pages of the tables and their corresponding synopsis tables on the accelerator
    • Improved disk space management to prevent disk full conditions
  • Serviceability improvements
    • New option in the Configuration Console to restart the IIAS appliance on advice by IBM Support
  • Improvements specific to Accelerator on IBM Z
    • Extended capabilities are provided to move to different storage (disks) for an Accelerator or to move an Accelerator to another CPC or LPAR.
      A move is accomplished by specifying new and additional tags in the JSON configuration file of an existing Accelerator.  Specify an additional "runtime_environment" for a CPC or LPAR move. Specify an additional "storage_environment" to configure a storage migration. The tag "storage_environment" replaces the previous "primary_storage" and "storage_maps" tags.

      Examples of corresponding use cases:

      • Manual HA/DR scenarios (where disks are mirrored by another component and manual LPAR start is acceptable or automation is implemented differently)
      • Tests on a flash copy of the data
      • Storage subsystem migration with new device IDs
    • HyperPAV support with GDPS: Parallel Access Volumes (PAV) is the concept of using multiple devices or aliases to address a single ECKD disk device. Previous releases did not support HyperPAV aliases when GDPS triggered a fail-over to another site or region. Now the GDPS configuration section allows HyperPAV alias definition per site.
    • GDPS 4-site support with GDPS Metro and GDPS Global GM

For a complete list of the enhancements and improvements and details about them refer to the What's new page.