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Augmented Data Explorer V0.9

By Shruthi Subbaiah Machimada posted Fri November 22, 2019 02:22 PM

Db2 Augmented Data Explorer V0.9 is out!

Whats new:
The V0.9 Beta release comes with a new UI that is more interactive and engaging, with pop-up error notifications that make troubleshooting easier and you will love the new design.


ADE V0.9 comes with built-in serviceability so you can monitor the health, performance and logs. Users can click on the Diagnose tab under Configure to monitor the performance of the server that ADE is hosted on, to download logs or to view the events that have happened in the system. You can use the drop-down menu on the right to filter event types -Information, Error or Query. 

The Monitor button will take you to the DASK dashboard, where you can see, among other things, how tasks are split among the workers and the time taken to execute the tasks.

ADE constantly monitors the health of your connections, crawl and index. The green circle indicates that everything looks good. In the case that something is not right, the circle will turn yellow or red. 


With V0.9, we have moved away from the installer app to a script based installation for better troubleshooting capabilities and a faster install.
Download ADE for Linux or Mac here , unzip the downloaded file and open the Readme for install instructions. 

What is IBM Db2 Augmented Data Explorer?
IBM Db2 Augmented Data Explorer makes it easy for business users to easily access insights from their enterprise's data and act on them. The explorer is an easy to use, web-based platform that connects to Db2 databases, be it on-prem or the cloud, to instantly pull key insights through automatically generated visualizations and natural language summaries. No need to wait for weekly reports to answer your questions; just ask them yourself and get answers in seconds. With Db2 Augmented Data Explorer, we put YOU, the business user, at the center, to make better business decisions.