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Db2 Augmented Data Explorer V0.7 is now available

By Shruthi Subbaiah Machimada posted 14 days ago


We are excited to announce the V0.7.0 beta going live for IBM Db2- Augmented Data Explorer.
In this release, we have focused on making it more secure and scalable, based on feedback from our enterprise customers.

Whats New:

With Augmented Data Explorer V0.7 we have focused on improving the following features:

  1. Security

User login and Access permissions
Every user has to login with a username and password to access ADE.


There are three levels of permissions that a user can have:

  • Search- This is the default level of permission assigned. Users with permission are only allowed to search already crawled data.
  • Setup and Edit data- Users with this permission can add new data sources, edit data sources and crawl new connections
  • Admin- The admin user can add new users, integrate with an LDAP server and control the levels of permission other users are assigned.

Enterprise LDAP integration
Connect to an LDAP server and provide access to users within your organization, using the user’s email ID.

  2.    Scalability and Performance

Dynamic task scheduling and parallel computing
This feature has a huge impact on the performance and allows users to explore large amounts of data at a fast pace. Users can also monitor the performance of the backend with the DASK dashboard, as they go about creating new connections and exploring the data. They can see how tasks are split among the workers and the time taken to execute the tasks.

To view the dashboard, open a new tab on your browser and type- http://hostname_of_server:8787/status


Server-side computing
We have switched to a server-side computing model, allowing multiple users to access the same server. Users can access the server through a web browser and log in with a username and password or use the REST API to embed the search results and insights in an application.

3.     Usability

Crawl data from multiple sources
Users can now crawl data from multiple data sources at once and manage those connections effectively with the new and improved Configuration tab. The new connection management tab allows users to see the number of schemas and tables selected, and also see the progress of the crawl with the status bar.


Search capability
With improved caching and forecasting capabilities, the new version of ADE comes with improved NLG and more granular searches and forecasting capabilities. We have also tested the accuracy of our search results by comparing our results with that of a statistical tool.


What is IBM Db2 Augmented Data Explorer?

IBM Db2 Augmented Data Explorer makes it easy for business users to easily access insights from their enterprise's data and act on them. The explorer is an easy to use, web-based platform that connects to Db2 databases, be it on-prem or the cloud, to instantly pull key insights through automatically generated visualizations and natural language summaries. No need to wait for weekly reports to answer your questions; just ask them yourself and get answers in seconds. With Db2 Augmented Data Explorer, we put YOU, the business user, at the center, to make better business decisions.

Try the new version now, and let us know what you think: https://www.ibm.com/us-en/marketplace/db2-augmented-data-explorer




6 days ago

Great work. Thanks for the share

11 days ago

it tries to install docker desktop
I have tried to install this before, but then getting problems with my vmware virtual machines as it activates hyper-v (or similar)
Is there a way to run docker and vmware machines on the same windows 10 machine without interference ?  Best Regards, Guy

14 days ago

Fantastic work and congratulations !!