Netezza Performance Server

Netezza Performance Server is generally available

By Rajshekar (Shekar) Iyer posted Wed October 07, 2020 12:23 PM

Netezza Performance Server v is now generally available at Fix Central.  In includes several minor enhancements and stability fixes
See the release note for details.  Here's a preview


  • Added a tool called ips-deploy-remote for redeploying the NPS container to other control plan nodes.
  • TLSv2 support through postgres.conf configuration variable enable_tls_v12 (by default, set to OFF).
  • Introduced a disable_crossdb_write variable for disabling cross-db write operations. The default value is off.
  • Enabled the Postfix service on bare metal and inside the NPS container for sending mails.

Upgrade stability

  • Fixed the issue with the NPS upgrade, which fails to create upgrade user for replication systems as the nodes are suspended or if the password policy is set on the system.
  • Fixed the issue where NPS was not coming up after upgrade, due to custom “umask”settings inbashrc.

System management

  • Delivered multiple critical fixes to improve the stability of SPU/disk failover/activation.
  • Improved data slice rebalancing (nzds rebalance) to achieve better performance.

SQL stability

  • Fixed ERROR: DHJ: not enough memory for joining.
  • Avoided unconstrained heap memory allocation beyond the 31-bit limit.


  • Prevented SPU core dumps from getting lost.
  • Added tools in Software Support Tools (/nz/support/bin)