IBM Query Management Facility (QMF)

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Instant Cobol Programs for IMS, IDMS, ADABAS, SMF, VSAM, Sequential Files using QMF HPO

By shawn sullivan posted Mon March 01, 2021 01:59 PM

QMF has long offered the QMF High Performance Option which can generate Cobol source code that embeds QMF SQL queries and optionally compile it. With a recent innovation in IBM Data Virtualization Manager and in the QMF Data Service ( a derivative of IBM DVM) QMF HPO can now create Cobol source code to pull data from any Virtual table in DVM or QMF Data Service.  You simply create a UDTF and View  in the DVM or QDS Data Studio for the Virtual Table and then QMF HPO does the rest in about 35 seconds. When viewing the video below, click on the icon in the lower right corner to expand it to full screen.