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Resolve to get educated about IBM Technologies in 2020 - for free! New episodes of The DataView Show scheduled!

By Scott Hayes posted Sun January 05, 2020 09:20 PM


Happy New Year 2020 to all IBM Technology Professionals!

I'm excited to let you know about new educational webinars that you can attend this month and next!  The DataView Show is sponsored by the IBM Community to help community members achieve a robust diversity of knowledge about IBM technologies!

January 2020:

February 2020:

  • 6 FEB 11am CST: The DataView Show #9: "IBM Marketing Challenges and Puzzles" with guest Buell Duncan, IBM VP Marketing.  Learn about IBM marketing strategy and help IBM spend millions of marketing dollars wisely.  THIS IS GOING TO BE A FUN SHOW!

  • 13 FEB 11am CST: The DataView Show #10: AI in BI: Augmented Intelligence Built into IBM Cognos Analytics with guest Jason Tavoularis!  This session will explore in detail the AI architecture built into IBM Cognos Analytics. Learn how machine learning, natural language processing, ontologies and other cognitive capabilities are continuing to improve the user experience in IBM Cognos Analytics. Discover how traditional steps in the business intelligence process are now automated to create a simplified user experience. You'll also discover how the AI in Cognos Analytics offers another perspective in making unbiased data-discovery a reality. You can learn more about Cognos and AI by visiting: https://www.ibm.com/products/cognos-analytics 

  • 20 FEB 11am CST: The DataView Show #11: Cloud- get started & make your business agile with guest Simon Lightstone.  Get an overview of IBM Cloud, including how to leverage free services including Db2 on Cloud. Build a no-code chatbot in 15 minutes, and crunch SQL data without any complex configurations or desktop tools. We'll then talk briefly about how IBM Cloud can make your business agile.  Simon Lightstone is a managing partner at Levion Partners. Levion Partners is a fund looking to acquire and modernize a mid-size business. Simon is a published blogger on TechCrunch and LifeHack. Previously, he was the offering manager of IBM Db2 on Cloud and a cloud architect consulting using IBM Cloud and AWS.

Remember that all show live attendees get the opportunity to ask our guest speakers questions!  Plus, attendees receive PDF certificates of achievement!  If you miss a show, recorded replays of shows can be found at www.DataViewShow.com/news/ 

Hope to see you in our audiences!

Scott Hayes
Lifetime IBM Champion and IBM Db2 GOLD Consultant