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Learn how to create your own custom Db2 Console Web Page

By Peter KOHLMANN posted Wed February 26, 2020 04:45 PM

Today I added another new lesson to the Db2 Console Hands-On Lab.

The hands-on lab is free to access through a web browser. You get to use of a 16GB, 8 CPU virtual machine with 50GB of disk space. The Db2 Console and Db2 are pre-installed and ready for you to start learning. All of the examples in the lab are also available through GITHUB and available for your own projects.

This new lesson contains examples of how to build a custom web page out of parts of the Db2 Console microservice user interface. In just a few minutes you will customize your own web page and install Apache to share it. The new lesson takes about 10-15 minutes. Even if you have completed the hands-on lab already, come back for this new lesson.

Here is an example from the lesson that combines the SQL Editor with the Table explorer and the key performance metrics on one page.

Custom Web Page
Please let me know how you like the new lesson, if you run into an issues, and of course what would you like me to add next.
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Wed August 05, 2020 07:45 PM

I liked the way you explained the subject. Thank you for sharing such valuable information with us.