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Seeing is Believing - The Db2 Data Management Console Hands-On Lab is now Available

By Peter KOHLMANN posted Mon January 20, 2020 05:52 PM


The new Db2 Data Management Console is not just a new user interface. It is a set of micro-services for Db2. It is built on a library of open RESTful APIs and a composable user interface.  This new hands-on lab is free to access through a web browser. You will get the use of a 16GB, 8 CPU virtual machine with 50GB of disk space. The Db2 Console and Db2 are pre-installed and ready for you to start learning. All of the examples in the lab are also available through GITHUB and available for your own projects.

Hands-On Lab

Through the Hands-on Lab, you:

  • Use Jupyter Notebooks to interact with and automate Db2
  • Use Open RESTful interfaces  to interact with Db2 through the console API
  • Use the extensible Db2 Console user interface in your own custom notebooks and webpages
  • Access historical performance data collected by the DB2 Console for your own custom analysis
  • Run SQL scripts through the console API across multiple databases to measure and analyze performance
  • Configure the Db2 Console for your whole team through the interface or scripts
  • Setup and manage multiple user security through the interface or scripts
Register to learn more about the Db2 Data Management Console through the Hands-on Lab at: https://www.ibm.com/cloud/garage/dte/tutorial/automating-db2-db2-data-management-console

Sign up today and find out what you can do with the Db2 Data Management Console!

You can find out more about the IBM Db2 Data Management Console at the Db2 Console community.