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Enabling Event Monitoring for Responsiveness and Statement History

By Peter KOHLMANN posted Thu May 30, 2019 10:36 AM

There are two ways that the console collects monitoring database from the Db2 engine. One method records key performance in memory metrics every few minutes and stores them in the console history database. The other method uses event monitors. Event monitors create a record in a table in the monitored database every time an event occurs. So for example, every five minutes we can check a metric to see how many statements have run since the last time we checked. However if we want a detailed record of what happened each time one of those statement ran we need to use an event monitor. That history is initially stored in your monitored database and then transferred to your console history database.

You may have noticed that the responsiveness "widget" on the database monitoring summary page isn't working when you first connected to your database. That "widget" requires an event monitor. While the console can create the event monitors the console, there needs to be a space allocated to store the event records. While we could have done that for you, many users want and need complete control over any changes to their database. So instead of just creating the objects automatically, we have provided explicit instructions that you can follow in the Db2 Data Management Console Knowledge Center.
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Fri January 24, 2020 05:42 AM

To collect individual executions data, I run the script which created and
run procedure successfully. But, this widget is not working. I have no idea why it is not working.
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