Data Server Manager

Using DSM with Bundled Copies of Db2

By Peter KOHLMANN posted Wed August 29, 2018 04:40 PM

I get a lot of questions about using Data Server Manager (DSM) with bundled copies of Db2. Here are a few answers:
Can I use Data Server Manager with a copy of Db2 that was included with another IBM Product?
You can use Data Server Manager Base edition with almost any version of DB2. This includes copies of DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows that are included with other IBM Products like WebSphere Commerce or 
InfoSphere Master Data Management. In fact Db2 for Linux, UNIX or Windows is included for free as a supporting product in hundreds of other IBM products. You may have more Db2 in your enterprise than you know. 
Most products that bundle a copy of Db2 for Linux, UNIX or Windows include Db2 Enterprise or Workgroup edition. If you download a copy of Data Server Manager from developerWorks you can use it to monitor and manage those databases. Data Server Manager will recognize the database edition you are working with, in this case Db2 Enterprise or Workgroup, and only let you use the capabilities of Data Server Manager Base Edition.  
How can I use the historical monitoring and other DSM Enterprise capabilities?
There are significant benefits to moving up to Data Server Manager Enterprise Edition for your bundled copy of Db2 for Linux, UNIX or Windows. You can keep a history of the detailed monitoring information that Data Server Manager collects. It is like having a flight recorder for your database and makes it easy to diagnose problems that occurred while you were busy taking care of everything else. You can track trends in resource consumption, load and performance. You can even track configuration and schema changes in your database and do advanced query and workload tuning.
To access the enterprise capabilities of Data Server Manager Enterprise for your bundled copies of Db2 the easiest and most cost effective option is to purchase the Performance Management Offering (PMO) for Db2. The PMO upgrades your bundled copy of Db2. Using the db2licm command you install a license certificate that comes with the PMO (db2pmf.lic) onto your DB2 Workgroup or Enterprise data server. The license certificate file is found in the /db2/license directory of the Performance Management Offering Activation CD. Data Server Manager will then recognize the upgraded database and unlock the enterprise capabilities of Data Server Manager.
You can find instructions on installing a license certificate in the DB2 Knowledge Center
What if I want to upgrade to DSM Enterprise for databases that came out before the PMO?
Unfortunately before DB2 10.5 Fix Pack 5, the Performance Management Offering did not exist. Fortunately you can upgrade Data Server Manager itself to enable the Enterprise capabilities for all the databases you are monitoring, including those before Version Instructions for installing a license jar file onto Data Server Manager are in the Data Server Manager Knowledge Center. The jar file is included with the PMO.
If I turn on Enterprise capabilities for all of DSM, can I still manage a mixture of database editions?
If you enable DSM Enterprise capabilities by installing the Enterprise license jar file (see link above) you need to make sure that any Express, Workgroup or Enterprise editions of DB2 do not make use of the historical database unless you have purchased the PMO for them. (You cannot use the Enterprise features without Repository Persistence turned on.) You can select to turn Repository Persistence on or off for each monitoring profile. You simply need to create a separate monitoring profile for those databases and do not enable the use of the historical database.