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Coming soon - Check out the new IBM Documentation experience

By Paul McWilliams posted Tue March 30, 2021 12:08 PM

Coming soon - We previously mentioned that IBM is introducing a new experience for online product documentation called IBM Documentation

A preview of IBM Documentation is now available. You can start at this link to see the online product documentation for Db2 for z/OS:


Built to ibm.com standards and deployed in the cloud, IBM Documentation or Docs will provide a new experience for online product documentation, including: 
  • New design and look-&-feel for a unified content experience on ibm.com  
  • New product home pages with quick access to trending content and high value resources
  • New navigation with option for full or partial content set
  • Scoped search with result filtering by content source
  • Short descriptive URLs for SEO and human readability
  • Quick access to PDF download
  • Permanent redirect from KC to IBM Docs
  • All Db2z, Db2zAI, and WMLz, and Db2 Tools for z/OS content in IBM Docs 

We know that any new web site navigation experience can be disorienting at first, but as we mentioned before, all existing online product documentation for supported Db2 releases is now available in IBM Documentation. 

At the time of this writing, you can also still access the online product documentation for Db2 for z/OS in IBM Knowledge Center:  


All traffic to IBM Knowledge Center will eventually be redirected to IBM Documentation, so take some time now to get used to IBM Documentation. You can submit any feedback about the new experience by email to ibmdocs@us.ibm.com. 

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