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Monitor Db2 for z/OS systems from IBM Db2 Data Management Console V3.1.1

By Paul McWilliams posted Tue March 24, 2020 08:06 PM

By Sowmya Kameswaran and Paul McWilliams.

IBM Db2 Data Management Console is the next step in the evolution of IBM Data Server Manager. It builds on the best of Data Server Manager and opens up the platform to exciting new possibilities. It is a new way to interact with the Db2 family.  Among the new capabilities in the latest Version 3.1.1 release, is a first of its kind no-charge monitoring dashboard for Db2 or z/OS connections. 

The Db2 for z/OS monitoring dashboard in Db2 Data Management Console

Before you can use the new monitoring capability, you must apply the PTF for APAR PH18225 and configure the ADMIN_INFO_IFCID stored procedure in the Db2 for z/OS systems that you want to monitor.

To add the connections to Db2 for z/OS from Db2 Data Management Console, you complete the following steps:
  1. Go to Settings > Connection profiles > Add new connection.
  2. Select Db2 for z/OS as the connection type, and add the details for the connection. Providing the monitoring credentials for the connection enables the monitoring capabilities for Db2 for z/OS connections.
After you add the connection, you can navigate to the monitoring dashboard by selecting connections in the home page grid. If you provided monitoring credentials  when establishing the connection, the Db2 for z/OS monitoring dashboard opens to display data about your Db2 system.

The Db2 for z/OS monitoring dashboard consists of several widgets that display various key performance indicators (KPIs) using easy-to-read graphs. Each widget displays data from the past hour, except for the database availability widget.

You can now see the KPIs for the monitored Db2 for z/OS system in the following widgets:

  • Database Availability –  displays the number of active threads running on the current system,  and a green check-mark if the database is up and running or a red x if the database is unavailable. 
  • Database Throughput – displays the total number of select, update, insert, and delete operation made against the database. It displays one of the metrics on a line graph and the other three metrics on a preview graph on the right side. When the user selects one of the preview graphs, the currently displayed line graph will be swapped with the preview graph that is clicked. The preview graph expands into a line graph and the previously selected line graph shrinks into a preview graph.
  • Commits – displays the total number of commits made against the database. 
  • CPU Usage – displays the current usage rate of the CPU for each of the following Db2 address spaces: MSTR, DIST, IRLM, and DBT.  For more information about these address spaces, see Db2 address spaces
  • Real Available Memory – displays the current memory that is available on the monitored system in megabytes (MB).
  • Database Contention – Displays the number of locks being held by the database. 
  • Logging – Displays the number of log writes being made by the database. 

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