IBM Db2 for z/OS

Announcing IBM Db2 AI for z/OS

By Paul McWilliams posted Mon December 09, 2019 03:54 PM


This entry was originally published on 2019-01-21.

By Tim Hogan.

We're excited to announce the availability of IBM Db2 AI for z/OS (Db2ZAI), which introduces the following capabilities:

  • more accurate predictions of the benefit of parallel processing for static SQL, which can result in improved elapsed time and lower chargeable CPU
  • determination of whether sort processes can benefit from increased memory utilization

In addition, you can now choose to narrow the scope of operations to the package level, which means that you can target the packages that are most CPU intensive while minimizing the processing impact of Db2ZAI.

These new use cases extend upon the initial features of IBM Db2 AI for z/OS 1.1, which delivered support for learning the actual host variable values and number of rows fetched by the application for each SQL statement. The Db2 for z/OS optimizer can use this information to improve application performance by choosing access paths that are targeted to each unique operating environment.

For more information, see the IBM Db2 AI for z/OS documentation.