IBM Db2 for z/OS

Announcing IBM Db2 AI for z/OS!

By Paul McWilliams posted Mon December 09, 2019 03:05 PM


This Db2 for z/OS News from the Lab blog entry was originally published on 2018-09-11.

We're excited that today IBM announced IBM Db2 AI for z/OS (Db2ZAI), which uses the Db2® for z/OS® optimizer and leverages IBM® Machine Learning for z/OS (ML for z/OS) technology to provide:

  • Improved Db2 SQL access path selection
  • Improved Db2 application performance
  • Rapid model learning specific to the data and configuration per Db2 subsystem

Models trained and deployed from Db2ZAI are managed by the security-rich infrastructure in ML for z/OS, which also gives defined users a window into the models' performance metrics.

For more information, see the announcement letter for your geography, and register for the webcast AI and Machine Learning comes to Db2 for z/OS!

Geography Announcement letter
IBM Japan JP18-0412
IBM Americas - United States 218-341
IBM Europe, Middle East, and Africa ZP18-0413
IBM Asia Pacific AP18-0327
IBM Americas - Latin America LP18-0411
IBM Americas - Canada A18-0526