Db2 for z/OS

Coming soon: A more transparent Aha! Ideas process for Db2 and Db2 Tools for z/OS

By Mo Townsend posted 19 days ago


You might have heard that IBM is changing how Aha! Ideas are managed.  For Db2 and Db2 Tools for z/OS, this change means we’ll be adjusting the criteria for accepting Aha! Ideas into our backlog for future consideration Being more realistic about what moves to the future consideration state helps us be more transparent about what we can and cannot contain, giving you faster and more accurate answers about the outlook for your suggestions.

Our delivery pipeline remains robust, and we delivered 56 Aha! Ideas in 2020, with 67 more planned for delivery soon.  However, as of March 2021, the future consideration backlog for Db2 for z/OS has more than 750 Aha! ideas, 88% of which are more than 3 years old. If we added these ideas to the items in development now, plus other planned development work for our strategic priorities, we’d need more than a decade of development time to deliver everything – IF we stopped adding new ideas to this already impressive list!

Our first step is to re-evaluate our current backlog of ideas for future consideration.  During April and May, we will close any items that cannot be contained in our current plans, or do not align with our strategic priorities. The Aha! tool will send an email to submitters and other interested parties when we close those items. 

Please continue to submit your Ideas for Db2 for z/OS feature enhancements! We always value your feedback, and we hope you will appreciate this more realistic approach to handling enhancement requests. 

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of partnering with you to continue to improve our world-class database and associated products.