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IBM OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert 5.5 is now available to fully monitor your Db2 13 subsystems (and more)

By Matthias Tschaffler posted Thu June 30, 2022 11:14 AM


On May 31, 2022, IBM announced a new release of IBM OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert 5.5.0 (OMPE 5.5.0), which supports IBM Db2 for z/OS version 13 (Db2 13) and provides several important enhancements for IBM OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert.

As you might have noticed, OMPE 5.5.0 removes ‘XE’ or ‘Tivoli’ from the product name to align with other OMEGAMON products. To that end, the standalone OMPE 5.5.0 package also includes OMNIMON 7.5.0 (HKOB750), which enables key features like Persistent Datastore (PDS) V2 with pervasive encryption.

On the configuration side, the Classic Near Term History feature is much easier to configure now, especially if you are using a lot of data sets to store your historical data. For example, embed overrides are no longer required and you do not need to complete any manual steps outside of Configuration Manager or PARMGEN. (See chapter New parameters in the OMPE 5.5.0 documentation for details.) While PARMGEN is still a supported configuration method, we strongly recommend you use the new Configuration Manager to upgrade and configure your runtime environments. You can find details about Configuration Manager in the OMPE 5.5.0 documentation. All configuration changes are enabled and available via OA62832/UJ08515 (HKCI310).

The key theme of OMPE 5.5.0 is certainly the support for Db2 13. Below, we’ll look in more detail at several key Db2 13 enhancements that are fully supported in the various OMPE 5.5.0 components and interfaces. For a complete list of Db2 13 features and enhancements supported by OMPE 5.5.0, see the New and changed functions chapter in the documentation.

Monitoring SQL Data Insights accounting metrics

The SQL Data Insights feature in Db2 13 provides built-in cognitive functions that inject deep learning AI capability into Db2 SQL. Specifically, OMPE 5.5.0 monitors SQL Data Insights accounting metrics to:

  • Expose elapsed and CPU timers that are included in Class 2 elapsed and CPU times via monitoring and reporting
  • Represent only those portions that are spent executing the built-in scalar functions
  • Allow you to monitor accounting information using real-time monitoring interfaces and batch reporting (ACCOUNTING)

Note: SQL Data Insights feature in Db2 13 requires zSystems minimum hardware version z16 to support the AI accelerator part of the z16 IBM Telum processor.

Find details about the BATCH and real-time support at Support for monitoring SQL Data Insights accounting metrics.

Monitoring group buffer pool residency times

Db2 13 adds new statistics counters for global and group buffer pool statistics storage areas. These statistics counters include:

  • The average time a data area resides in a storage class before it is reclaimed
  • The average time a directory entry resides in a storage class before it is reclaimed

OMPE 5.5.0 monitors average residency times in real time and supports BATCH record trace to give you a better understanding of the impact of new IBM zSystems hardware on your environment.

Note: Monitoring group buffer pool residency times requires zSystems minimum hardware version z16.

Find details on the BATCH and real-time support at: Support for monitoring group buffer pool residency times

Monitoring the new SET CURRENT LOCK TIMEOUT functionality

To improve concurrency control, Db2 13 introduces the CURRENT LOCK TIMEOUT special register that you can set from an application or a Db2 system profile. OMPE 5.5.0 enables you to:

  • Receive real-time and batch reporting capabilities to track the respective functionality in Db2 System Statistics and Accounting reporting areas.
  • View information about extensions in the Deadlock and Timeout Db2 events, which are exposed in the event exception Enhanced 3270 User Interface (E3270) workspaces and batch reports, as well as the PE Client Event Exception Processing Details panels.
  • Leverage the new IFCID 437 tracking of the SET CURRENT LOCK TIMEOUT statement in Batch RECTRACE.

Find details on the BATCH and real-time support at Support for monitoring SET CURRENT LOCK TIMEOUT related Db2 changes, in the OMPE 5.5.0 User’s Guide.

Other Db2 13 features

OMPE 5.5.0 supports the monitoring of many more Db2 13 features, including:  

Besides support for Db2 13 features, OMPE 5.5.0 also includes several product enhancements. Below we look closer at two key product enhancements.

Profile Exception / Warning monitoring

Db2 can track and report on information about exceptions or warnings from a Db2 profile using IFCID 402. While OMPE already supports reporting on this IFCID in BATCH, it was not possible to obtain information from a realtime monitoring interface.

The PE Client and the E3270 user interfaces in OMPE 5.5.0 allow you to support monitoring of system profile exceptions and warnings in real time. The following illustrations show the new workspaces in the E3270 and the respective filtering capabilities added.

Tip: Use the new feature of IBM Db2 Administration Tool for z/OS version 13.1 to quickly set up your profiles. For details, see the blog Db2 Administration Tool 13.1: Managing Db2 profile tables.

Aggregated Accounting Statistics in E3270 User Interface

OMPE 5.5.0 extends the current monitoring of Db2 Aggregated Accounting Statistics to the E3270.

Besides supporting the new set of statistics from the realtime statistics main menu in E3270, the data is also persisted in the Persistent Data Store to be analyzed from a historical perspective. 

The following illustration shows the E3270 screen that exposes the Aggregated Accounting statistics and a sample drill down to the details that can be displayed.

For more information about IBM OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert 5.5.0 refer to the IBM OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert on z/OS 5.5.0 documentation.