Db2 (On Premises and Cloud)

New download site for Db2 Data Management Console

By MARYIA RAKINA posted Wed December 16, 2020 11:52 PM


I am excited to share that we launched a new website to download Db2 Data Management Console and dmctop.  IBM Db2 Download Center provides you with a single place to get the tools you need to get started with Db2.

The site has three key tabs.  On "Db2 Database" tab you can download a free instance of Db2 Community Edition.  The free edition provides up to 16GB of memory, 4 cores, and no limit on database size.  It is easily upgradable to paid editions with a simple activation key.  All installers are organized by platform, which makes it simple to locate and download the correct installer.   You can also find a link to IBM Cloud to get started with Db2 on cloud for free.

The "Admin tools" tab provides access to the latest version of Db2 Data Management Console and dmctop.  If you work with Db2 for z/OS database, you can now download Extended Insight extension to monitor your entire database application system.  Please note that Extended Insight requires IBM OMEGAMON for Db2 Performance Expert on z/OS and the latest version of Db2 Data Management Console to run.

On the "Developer tools" tab you can download Db2 drivers for key languages, as well as Visual Studio Code extensions for developing Db2 for LUW and z/OS applications. Both Db2 Connect and Db2 for z/OS Developer extensions require VS Studio Code to run.

You can use these quick links to go to Db2 Download Center: