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Announcing Db2 Data Management Console v.3.1.2

By MARYIA RAKINA posted Fri June 19, 2020 02:06 PM


We are happy to announce the release of the Db2 Data Management Console v.3.1.2. In addition to enhancing console usability and adding new functionality, we implemented fixes for many issues reported in the community forums. Here are some of the highlights of this release:

  • Support for Db2 Warehouse on Cloud and Db2 on Cloud connections
  • Containerization support
  • Support for monitoring and alerts in Db2 pureScale environment
  • Support for Microsoft Active Directory through LDAP v3 protocol
  • Easier setup configuration for event monitors
  • dmcTop

You can see the full release note here:

Support for Db2 on Cloud and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud connections

You can now add Db2 Warehouse on Cloud and Db2 on Cloud database connections to the enterprise console. This allows you to get the same view of your cloud databases as of Db2 LUW. Monitor database performance, administer database objects, run SQL, configure and receive alerts - all in one tool.

You can cloud connections by going to Connection profile >> Add connection. Once the connection is added, you will be able to see it in the Connection profile list, as well as in Databases Home view.

Containerization support

You can now deploy Db2 Data Management Console within a docker container. This allows you to start Db2 Console with just a few simple commands and without any authentication.  For more information on installation instructions, see our page on docker hub:


Db2 pureScale support

In addition to all existing metrics, you can now monitor Db2 pureScale clustered configurations. You can monitor Db2 pureScale-specific metrics in the Monitor >> Db2 pureScale section of the console:

- Db2 pureScale status (real-time monitoring only in this release)

- Db2 pureScale member performance (both real-time and historical monitoring support)

Note: In history view, you can drill-down to detailed charts by clicking View Details.

- Db2 pureScale CF summary (both real-time and historical monitoring support)
This page provides key metrics for pureScale CF status and group buffer pool performance.

Note: In history view, you can drill-down to detailed charts by clicking View Details.

DMC v3.1.2 supports event monitor for Db2 pureScale member connections; you can set up event monitor profile under Event monitor profile page. In addition to all existing alerts, we added pureScale-specific alerts for both Performance and Availability categories. The following alerts were added:

Availability alerts:

- Cluster catching facility status
- Cluster host status
- pureScale member status

Performance alerts:

- Group buffer pool hit ratio (for this alert you can configure the thresholds)

- Total page reclaims over minute (for this alert you can configure the thresholds)

- Virtual memory in use in CF system (for this alert you can configure the thresholds)

You can see detailed information about all alerts in the Notification Center. In the details section, we provide an analysis of issue, system details, as well as a suggested resolution. In DMC v3.1.2, we also provide additional information, such as statements associated with the highest number of pages reclaimed, to assist you in troubleshooting the issues. As with other alerts, you can configure to receive pureScale alerts in an email.

Easier set-up configuration for event monitors

We have heard your feedback that event monitor set-up needed improvement and worked on multiple enhancements in v.3.1.2 to make the process simpler. We have made the following changes:

 - Statistics event monitor opt-in during onboarding

When installing the Db2 Console for the first time, you can now opt-in to automatically enable statistics event monitor on a new database connection. By default, the statistics event monitor opt-in feature is disabled.

You can opt-in or out at any time by going to Settings >> Stats event monitor opt-in. The feature only applies to new or imported connections that are added in the Connections profile page. It will not affect your existing configured connections.

- Event monitor profile page

We have added Event monitor profile page under Settings where you can see the status of event monitors (including activity, locking, utility, and statistics) across your entire enterprise. You can disable any of the event monitors with just a few clicks.

As before, you can click on a database connection to edit its event monitor profile and set up event monitors.


dmcTop is a lightweight, low overhead monitoring tool that works in a text-only environment. It will serve as a replacement to dsmTop. In addition to providing full feature-parity with dsmTop, it also brings back a number of functions from db2Top. We will release a separate blog to provide a full overview of dmcTop.

To download Db2 Data Management Console v.3.1.2, go to IBM Marketing Registration Services(MRS) Tool or FixCentral.