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Db2 Administration Tool: initial support for Db2 native REST services

By Jørn Thyssen posted Mon January 11, 2021 04:19 AM


Db2 Administration Tool: support for Db2 native REST services

by Jørn Thyssen and Tom Ulveman Jensen

The Db2 native REST services introduced a while ago in Db2 for z/OS is gaining popularity as an alternative way to access Db2 for z/OS data. With the increasing usage there is also a demand for being able to manage the services.

With APAR PH31558 initial support for managing Db2 native REST services has been added to Db2 Administration Tool (AOC).

Initially, the following capabilities are available:

  • Search for native REST services from the “System Catalog” panel
  • Display status with and without group scope
  • Start and stop with and without group scope
  • Free a service to remove a service
  • And finally, ability to navigate to the package used by the service.


AOC supports versioned and non-versioned services. Versioned services requires Db2 APAR PI98649 applied and running DSNTIJR2 (see more information here https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/apar/pi98649).


On the “System Catalog” panel there is a new option “RS” for Rest Services. You can search by name and collection:
DB2 Admin --------------------- PDS1 System Catalog --------------------- 12:22
Option ===> RS                                                                 
Object options:                                          DB2 System: PDS1     
 AO - Authorization options                              DB2 SQL ID: TS5941   
  G - Storage groups                   P - Plans                              
  D - Databases                        L - Collections                        
  S - Table spaces                     K - Packages                           
  T - Tables, views, and aliases                                              
  V - Views                            H - Schemas                            
  A - Aliases for tables and views     E - User defined data types            
  Y - Synonyms                         F - Functions                          
  X - Indexes                          O - Stored procedures                  
  C - Columns                          J - Triggers                           
  N - Constraints                      Q - Sequences and aliases              
 DS - Database structures            DSP - DS with plans and packages         
PDC - DB2 pending definition changes  GV - Global variables                   
XCU - Index cleanup                   RS - REST services                      
Enter standard selection criteria: Settings: LIKE operator; Criteria saved.   
Name  . . . . test                       > Grantor . . .           >          
Schema  . . .                            > Grantee . . .           >          
Owner . . . .                            >                                    
In DB/Coll  . TS5941%                    > Switch Catalog Copy   . . N (N/S/C)
And/or other selection criteria (option xC shows you columns for option x)    
Column  . . .                            > Oper . .        Value . .          


AOC will query the Db2 catalog table SYSIBM.DSNSERVICES and return the result:


DB2 Admin ---------------------- PDS1 Rest Services ---------- Row 1 to 3 of 3
Command ===>                                                  Scroll ===> CSR 
                                                                     More:    >
Line commands:                                                                
 DIS - Display REST service  DISG - Display REST group  F - Free service      
 K - Package  STA - Start REST service  STO - Stop REST service               
 ? - Show all line commands                                                   
Sel  Collid   Name          E Description          Version  D Contoken        
     *        *             * *                    *        * *               
---- -------- ------------- - -------------------- -------- - ----------------
     TS5941   TESTAPI       Y TEST API                      Y C8E3E3D7D9C5E2E3
     TS5941   TESTAPI2      Y TEST API2            V1       Y D91724A9D66925DC
     TS5941   TESTAPI2      Y TEST API2            V2       N D91724B6273770D2
******************************* END OF DB2 DATA *******************************


On this panel it is possible to display, start, stop and free the services or navigate to the associated package.


We are considering several enhancements, e.g., ability to create a service. Let us know which enhancements you would like to see added for improved Db2 native REST services support by opening an Aha idea for IBM Db2 Administration Tool at https://ibm-data-and-ai.ideas.aha.io/  or by leaving at comment to this blog.