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Db2 Administration Tool: Easier identification and control of object conflict in change management scenario

By Jørn Thyssen posted Sat April 18, 2020 12:20 PM


Db2 Administration Tool:  Identification of object conflict in change management scenario

Show information for superseded change (APAR PH22548)

The Change Management function in Db2 Administration Tool (AOC) simplifies the process of recording and tracking the changes that you make to your Db2 objects.
One of the features is the ability to issue a warning if any pending changes exist on the same object that you plan to change. You can specify whether your change should supersede or follow the pending changes. If you decide to supersede the pending changes, they will change status to reflect that they are no longer valid.

Previously, if someone attempted to execute a superseded change, the job would end in RC 12 with the error message:

ADB9718E The change is not eligible to be run. The change must be in ANALYZED or RUNNING status. The
status of change TS5941.JIRA AOC-1234 // SPRINT 5 is DEFINED .

The user would subsequently have to use the Change Management panels on ISPF, locate the change, and try to guess which change was the cause.

With APAR PH22548 / PTF UI68603 two new enhancements were introduced:

First, a new error message is shown in the job output

ADB9356E The change was superseded by change 183(TS5941.JIRA AOC-4444 // SPRINT 8) on
2020-04-18- and needs to be re-analyzed.

allowing for each identification of the superseding change.

Second, a new line command SBY (Superseeded By)


has been added to the ISPF panels to allow easy identification of the change that superseded the original change