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Announcing the Latest Version of DCW: Database Conversion Workbench 4.5.1

By Jordan Hodges posted Fri August 07, 2020 01:24 AM


Release notes for Database Conversion Workbench 4.5.1

November 6, 2020
We are pleased to announce the release of IBM Database Conversion Workbench and IBM Database Harmony Profiler version 4.5.1

 What's new in this release?

This release contains these new major features -

  • Project estimation by providing complexity & frequency of the incompatibilities
  • Reporting enhancements
  • Export compatibility report as csv or Excel formats
  • Teradata BTeq enhancements
  • Option to suppress DCW generated comments in the converted code
  • Extraction script for Teradata source database


Important Note for MacOS Users: 

 On macOS, DCW currently has limitations on how it is invoked for it's both Full Version/DB Harmony Profiler. Following instructions will help you to run DCW successfully on macOS -

  • Check if the macOS system has Oracle JDK installed.
  • If Oracle JDK is not installed, you will need to install it. Download and install Oracle JDK  from https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-downloads.html
  • If Oracle JDK is already installed, make sure it is greater than version 8 and up to version 14.
    Open a terminal window, navigate to the unzipped folder and launch DCW application by running ./dcw (for full version) or ./db_harmony_profiler.sh ( for DB Harmony)

    If you receive system error about '"dcw" cannot be opened because…' then go to System Preferences, Security & Privacy all allow dcw to run as an app. In the Terminal window again execute ./dcw or ./db_harmony_profiler.sh according to the product you have selected to launch DCW application.
  • Mac install related known Issue: Top-level menu options of DCW are disabled                
    ​Workaround: If top-level menu options are disabled, shift focus on a different window and come back to DCW.

If you receive an alert prompt saying “The DCW executable launcher was unable….” then press ‘OK’ and In the Terminal window again execute ./dcw and run the application.


Best Practices

  • For Windows DCW Full Client download, use Download Director instead of HTTP method
  • Exporting converted files:
    On Windows, when a shell file (.sh) is exported using Export Files as a zip file and unzipped on a Linux system, the shell may not be executable because of newline and carriage return characters. Run a dos2unix command on the shell file and it gets fixed. You may have to install the dos2unix utility.
    > dos2unix <shell file name>
  • While converting multiple files (by passing the directory name) using IBM Database Harmony Profiler, all files that need to be converted should have a .sql extension


Known Issues

  • BTeq commands not ending with statement separator:

Few of BTEQ commands are do not have statement terminator. In this case, a valid SQL command following the BTEQ command also gets commented out. Fix is to search for these commands in the source file and add a statement terminator (;).
Some examples of BTEQ command which do not end with statement terminator are LABEL, SET, REPEAT

  • LOCK clause not supported:

SQL statements starting with LOCK keyword is not converted in DCW and is not supported in Db2. Make sure you comment out LOCK clause. e.g

  • Specific BTeq comments causes error in shell execution:

BTeq scripts containing comments ending with -- */ may cause error in converted shell execution. Manually correct the comment syntax by moving the closing comment (*/) to a new line.